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Enhance your home's street appeal

5 March 2021

Generation Homes is all about choice. We invite people to choose the land and an architecturally-designed house plan. They can select a facade and cladding as well as key interior and exterior design features. It’s all part of our promise to build a home that is unique to you – the future homeowner.

A facade refers to the exterior design or “face” of a home, and it encompasses all external features such as the colour scheme, roofing style, materials and cladding. The ability to choose variations of facades means homeowners can select the same floor plan as their neighbour but construct a unique home that has a totally different look and feel.

Facades can be applied to any of Generation Homes’ standard plans whether it’s a two, three or four bedroom home. This gives homeowners increased flexibility and control over the end design whether they want to create an ultra-modern home, something more hip, contemporary or classic.

Generation Homes’ architectural designer Kane de Raat says variances in facade designs can significantly enhance future resale values as well as improve the overall look and feel of the streetscape.  

Different facades are particularly important in medium and higher density developments, or subdivisions, where only a set number of floor plans have the best ability to maximise a site’s potential, outdoor living space and north facing sun, he says.

“No one wants to live in a street filled with cookie cutter houses that all look the same. Having a natural variance in a street allows each new home to stand out from the crowd, plus it’s a great way for the owners to add their own personality and style to a build.”


Metrotile Metal Tile

Our metal tiles provide a visually pleasing finish and exceptional long term durability. Water tight and fire resistant, our metal roofing tiles can withstand hurricane-force winds.

Monier Concrete Tile

Our concrete tiles come in a wide range of contemporary colours designed to suit any colour scheme. It is also the best roofing material to absorb the sound and vibrations of rain.

Long Run Colour Steel

The timeless, classic long run roofs are equally at home capturing the charm of an old villa or setting trends as a modern roofing solution that is both economical and stylish.



The Hip is a cost effective roofing option that reflects a classic, colonial style. The roof is visually distinctive in that the flat surfaces of the roof angle up and away from the viewer on every side of the building toward the apex, or the highest point of a roof. This a true blue Kiwi style that continues to be popular in new home builds.

Mono Pitch

The Mono Pitch is a distinctive, modern style that sits on one angle with no apex in the centre. The highest point of the roof runs along an entire edge. It is best achieved with long run colour steel and plays on sharp, clean lines and strong geometric forms in the front elevation of the home. A Mono Pitch home will add to its visual aesthetic by mixing claddings and high colour contrasts. 


Gables visually resemble an upside down ‘V’, and are often located at the far ends of a roof. A gable roof works well for long run metal roofing and roof tiles of all types. The Contemporary Gable pays homage to clean, sharp lines but character is added by high contrast between claddings.   

There is also a double gable as an option for a stronger statement design. A double gable has two parallel gables forming the shape of the letter M on the end wall.

Changing the look of a home can incur additional costs so it’s important to discuss all of the options with your local Generation Home's Sales Consultant to ensure you can achieve a desired look within your set budget.