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Natural lighting in your home

25 May 2021

One of the most sought-after features these days is to have an abundance of natural light pour into your home’s living space.

While natural lighting helps keep your home well lit, there are some amazing health benefits to having those rays beaming through your windows – better sleep, boosting vitamin D levels and keeping you in a good mood, are just a few of them!

Not only can exposure to daylight lead to improvements in our wellbeing, natural light indoors can also give a room that feeling of more space.

At Generation Homes we’ve kept this in mind and have plans that deliberately incorporate sunlight. Take our Coatesville house plan for example (pictured above), which features stunning open plan living, dining and family rooms. Homeowners frequent these spaces the most, so why not ensure they can benefit from the sunlight.

You can do more than simply selecting a plan that has thought this aspect through. There are quite a few adjustments you can make to ensure your house is maximising the sun.

Here are our tips to boosting natural light in your house...

1. Use colour wisely

Our perception of colour is impacted by natural light in a couple of ways. For instance, warm light renders warm colours better – think red, yellow and orange - making them look more true and vivid. While cool light renders cool colours better - think green, blue and purples. So, if you’re taking a paint roller to your walls, have a look at how the sun comes into your home and adapt your colours to suit the sunshine. 

Totara Parklands Show Home Cool Colours

2. Paint your eaves white

Even if your house is a different colour, you can paint your eaves white and it will still look good! The natural light can reflect off your eaves and send those rays straight into your home, boosting light in every room.

3. Use reflective tiles

If you have tiling, such as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom, try using an ordinary white subway tile that will allow the sun’s reflection to beam through the room. The subway tile is the most effective, and you can create some fun trendy patterns, such as the herringbone. 

Hamilton Show Home Kitchen & Riverhead Point Show Home Kitchen & Ensuite

4. Install skylights

Having a skylight is an effective way to use natural light to your benefit. A skylight, positioned in a hallway, kitchen or family area, will help bring endless light into your home every day. Using the sun to your advantage will ensure your space at home feels comfortable and a place that you can unwind. 

Rosemerryn (Lincoln) Show Home Kitchen Skylight

Did you know?

We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but did you know that the quality and intensity of light from each direction varies considerably.

  • Eastern light is strongest in the early morning, and tends to have a warm, yellow cast to it. The warmth is most intense at sunrise and slowly fades toward midday.
  • Northern light is the strongest light and lasts for most of the day. It emits a neutral to cool light.
  • Southern light is a diffusing light and has a cool, blue-grey tinge to it.
  • Western light is only intense in the late afternoon and is a warm, orange-red colour.

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