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Factory-built homes not silver bullet for housing crisis

28 June 2018

Factory-built homes are part of the solution to the housing crisis, not the silver bullet, Generation Homes CEO Kevin Atkinson told NewsTalkZB’s Kate Hawkesby in a recent interview.

"I can see a place for factory-built housing (in) New Zealand but it's got to be amongst a package of other solutions and a lot of that has to come down to cost and land and infrastructure," Atkinson said.

The Government is looking to companies that construct homes in factories to help reach the KiwiBuild goal of 100,000 affordable homes.

“It’s hard to get a house in Auckland under $800,000, and I’ve heard reports that factory-type housing will reduce that cost by 10 per cent. Well, that’s down to $720,000. How many people can buy those type of houses?

“We build houses 200-square-metre in 18 weeks. They’re looking to get construction down to four and a half months - well, we build in four and a half months. What takes times is the building consent, the resource consent. Anything to do with land and you’re going to be waiting 18 months to two years.

“Government has got to own (these houses), and they’ve got to put them on the market at the right price. Often that comes down to land and infrastructure.”

“Factory-built housing is one of the solutions, but if you apply it in isolation like all things to do with housing that’s not the answer.”

Listen to the full interview here.