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A focus on roofing trends in 2021

30 June 2021

When we look at the curbside appeal of a home, not only do we want it to be aesthetically pleasing and ahead of the latest trends, but also fully functional and eco-friendly.

Generation Homes offers the latest trends to fit your individual taste, and this extends to roofing.

We partner with Metrotile, manufactured by Ross Roof Group, to deliver the right roof colour, shape and environmentally responsible products to suit your vision.

Trending roof colours

Ross Roof Group global marketing manager Darryl Rogers, says they’ve seen a shift towards darker roof colours, which has been in the pipeline for a while.

“Around 20 years ago the lighter colours and terracotta were quite popular, but the darker roof colours offer a lovely contrast today,” Darryl says.

“What is great about our product is that we have the ability to move with the market, so when colours become trends, we can make those trends fit our product for our clients.”

Metrotile’s colours in their satin range vary from ebony to sandstone grey, with plenty of colours in between to choose from to suit your style.

They also have a range of textured finishes to provide plenty of options.

Metrotile Shake Profile in Ebony

The shape and style of your roof

Selecting your roof can all depend on your taste and the latest styles trending. Metrotile has 10 profiles to choose from, ranging from the Mediterranean-style ‘Antica’, to making a bold statement with its ‘Classic’ profile, or choosing the ‘Bond’ profile that has smooth flowing curves for a timeless appeal.

Metrotile’s latest innovation is its Concealed Fastening (CF) range which features in three of its profiles – CF Shake, CF Shingle and CF Slate. This system allows the screws on the roof to be completely hidden from sight and the elements, which means you are left with a combination of beauty and weathertightness.

Its CF Shake option has charm but with the strength and durability that can only come from a stone coated steel Metrotile tile. Its deep-ribbed profile enhances the shadow lines and creates visual contrast.

If you’re more inclined for the shingle look, you can also get the CF technology with a shingled roof that gives a more streamlined, architectural-look.

The CF Shingle is specifically designed to resemble the look of traditional asphalt shingles. This low-profile stone coated steel panel comes with patterns of shading and colours that reflect the popular styles but with the bonus of a far superior serviceable life. The CF Shingle’s unique design can be overlayed onto existing asphalt shingles roofs.

Meanwhile, the CF Slate profile achieves a sleek look with subtle charm from variations in light and shade. With its exceptional durability, a CF Slate roof offers superior performance and all the advantages of stone-coated steel.

Darryl says these innovative roofing systems provide the best of both worlds. A great looking roof with incredible weather security.

Like all of Metrotile’s profiles, the CF range has Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) appraisals, which means the products have been independently assessed.

“BRANZ have done the hard yards to make sure the product is up to scratch, giving the homeowner one less thing to worry about,” he says.

Metrotile CF Shake Profile in Charcoal Blend

What else should you consider?

Homeowners doing roof renovations or building are looking for a product that will provide energy efficiency while being eco-friendly – and this is a trend that continues to be on the rise.

Not only does Metrotile use modern manufacturing techniques to enhance durability, but its technology means that roofs cope with the harshest environments and continue to last a lifetime.

Darryl says that from an environmental perspective, using a material like steel on their roofs is always going to be beneficial.

“It is the most recycled product in the building industry and most likely to be reused as it can be infinitely recycled unlike other roof materials that often go to landfill,” he says.

Another environmental tick to look out for are companies that have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which proves to clients that its products have been assessed for their carbon footprint from the stage of being created to its post life. The EPD can be used towards Homestar credits as well.

“This means we are measuring the impacts of our products through sourcing materials, delivering to site and the post life of the product – we want to make sure this is all transparent to clients,” Darryl says.

And last but certainly not least to consider, Darryl says that proper roof ventilation needs to be high on the list of priorities. This includes extraction from kitchens and bathrooms, sanitary ventilation and ventilating your roof space.

“Metrotile has a range of vents that blend in with each roof, so your home can breathe and get the appropriate ventilation without compromising on the outside style,” he says.

“A ventilation system needs to not only be a constant trend but a necessity, it keeps the air moving and can help regulate your home’s temperature and reduce condensation.”

Metrotile Shake Profile in Sandstone Grey

For more information on the latest roofing trends speak to one of our Sales Consultants, or to view Metrotile's product range go to: www.metrotile.com.