Welcome to Christchurch

About the Region

Christchurch is a unique city that has been undergoing constant evolution since the earthquakes of 2011. A rebuild of much of the CBD and many residential homes has forged ahead, with many large projects set for completion from mid-2015 onwards.

The rebuild has sparked a huge cashflow into the city, but the agri-business sector centred around the fertile Canterbury plains remains a economic powerhouse.

The rebuild has sparked some big population shifts out of the traditional confines of Christchurch city itself. Large growth areas include Rolleston just to the south, and Lincoln, to the south east. The commute from these areas was majorly sped up by the completion of Christchurch’s southern motorway in late 2012.

The motorway’s second stage, due for completion in 2016 will halve travels times between Rolleston and the Central City, from about 30 minutes to 15 minutes. Rolleston is the main town of the Selwyn District – which ranked as New Zealand’s top economic performer in 2012 and 2013, based on employment, GDP, and business growth.

 Rolleston has two primary schools, with another due to open in 2016. Two secondary schools are in development, with the first scheduled to open in 2017.

The satellite town of Pegasus, 29 kilometres north of the city has also experienced large growth.

However, the future of Christchurch city itself is bright. As the rebuild progresses the vibrancy of the CBD and surrounding suburbs is increasing and the cosmopolitan vibe is truly on the rise.

Christchurch is New Zealand’s second largest city, with a population of almost 370,000. Christchurch is served by numerous hospitals and tertiary education institutions, and hundreds of schools.

Christchurch’s unique position of a city being largely rebuilt, as well as the tremendous growth of its satellite towns means the Christchurch Generation Homes team will be kept busy helping new customers into quality houses for many coming years.

Our Christchurch Regional Partners – Evan & Nadja Beker

Evan is a proud Cantabrian and has lived and worked in Christchurch for 25 years while Nadja made Christchurch her home in the early 2000s. Evan has many years experience in manufacturing and management aligned with the building industry. He and Nadja also own and run their own joinery business, so together they both bring a wide range of business skills and experience to Generation Homes.

Together they have been instrumental in bringing many families into new Generation Homes in the Rolleston, Lincoln and Pegasus areas.

The high values and operational integrity of Generation Homes were key factors in Evan and Nadja joining the Generation family because they aligned perfectly with their own principles.