Aaron Cruden 14 Week Build

Cosy Insulation

Week 6

Cosy Insulation

One of the most important parts of the house happens this week – insulation is installed.

While not as glamourous as wallpaper or vibrant paint colours, insulation is like the engine in a car – you may not see it working but it performs a vital role, in this case reducing the amount of heating you need to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

“We want our house to be warm in the winter,” says Aaron, “so having it properly insulated is really important. As well we will choose really good curtains to make sure we don’t lose heat from our windows.”

Insulation in New Zealand homes was not mandatory until 1978, but nowadays there are many types of insulation on the market, ranging from pink bats (used by Generation Homes) to wool insulation.


With the halfway point of the build coming up, Grace and Aaron have been thinking about the colour scheme of their house.

“We prefer a neutral colour palette and like to bring colour into the house through accessories,” says Grace.

Each year international colour match company Pantene announces a colour of the year which inspires and informs interior designers around the world. This year they have named marsala as the colour of the year. Its creamy wine hue, makes it a very versatile choice. Blue is another colour being flagged as popular by leading interior designers for 2015.

“We will look to add small touches of colour throughout the house and marsala and blue may indeed feature,” says Grace. We are more likely to add colour by using cushions on furniture to add vibrancy to a room,” says Grace.

“We are also planning the landscaping and one thing we are thinking about is planting an edible garden in the backyard,” says Aaron.

Edible gardens are an increasingly popular feature in backyards, driven by people’s desire to grow and harvest their own food – think feijoa hedging which produces stunning flowers as well as a bounty of fruit, individual herb gardens and berry plants for the ultimate harvest.

Not only will this house be warm, but it will also offer fresh bounty from the garden.

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The 14 week Generation Homes process

Week 6 – Cosy Insulation

Generation Home typically takes 14 weeks to build a new home. Adding insulation and downpipes externally enable you to see and imagine how warm you will be in the winter. The bricklayer completes the exterior and the ground is prepared for landscaping.