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Creative ideas for the cooler days ahead

10 July 2019

Infusing your own sense of style into the interior of just one room can be daunting, let alone an entire house. We asked Generation Homes design consultant Michaela Churstain for some smart, economical ideas on how to bring the latest new-season looks to life in your new home. 

Image 2: Dulux Colour Forecast 2019. * See Dulux image credit below. 

As bright summer days turn into the burnt orange beauty of autumn, it’s a great time to have fun and awaken your creativity with interiors. This year more earthy tones feature as the new neutral. Warm and inviting hues, including mushroom greys, hazelnut browns with subtle undertones of pink and spicy cinnamon notes gives off a natural feel. We’re seeing a move towards more bolder colours in 2019. These richer tones work beautifully in the kids’ rooms – such as striking blues, purples, and playful shades of citrus (Dulux Colour Forecast 2019). In the home’s central living area, try intense saturated hues - deep purple, russet, aqua and lush greens which offset the brown-based pink. Finish the look with brass décor and copper accessories for a palette of understated luxury.

Technology enhances our lives in many ways but it’s important to find opportunities to unplug. Tech-free spaces are all about creating calm and soothing environments to better connect with people, relax and recharge. Dual living areas are becoming extremely popular in new home builds for this very reason. Removing temptations such as televisions and gaming consoles encourages conversation and other fulfilling activities like reading a book, drawing or playing games with friends and family. When furnishing tech-free spaces, the “bigger is better” mentality no longer takes precedence. Smaller, bespoke pieces of furniture have more personality and added flexibility for creating multiple conversation areas within a room.

Texture has become a remedy for our senses: the feeling of the crunch of a newspaper or a lush shagpile rug between your toes. It’s not that we’re moving away from the smooth, cold surfaces characteristic of the minimalist movement, we’re instead seeking balance by styling rooms with a mix of different shapes and textures. In today’s new homes, all rooms are built either square or rectangular. The best way to soften hard lines is to create variety using statement pendant lights, artwork, clocks or mirrors. Strokeable throws, rugs, cushions, bean bags and floor pillows prove textures are just as important as warmth. Indoor plants are a great way to introduce colour and texture in one hit.

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For more information on the Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 see:
Instagram: @duluxnz

Legacy Image
Wall in Dulux Deep Aqua. Trims in St Clair Quarter.
From left: Stamp side table - Grazia & Co, Glass vase - Stylist’s own, Brush by Redecker - Scout House, Cire Trudon perfume bottle - Scout House, Bed Homeowner’s, Winona quilt cover set, Augusta sheet set & standard pillowcases in Atlantic -Linen House, 
Linen throw - Stylist’s own.