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Interior Design for the warmer days ahead

3 October 2016

Throughout New Zealand we’ve had a comparatively mild winter, but there’s still nothing better than the days getting longer and the colour, smell and sweet anticipation of spring in the air.  We asked Generation Homes’ design consultant Michaela Churstain for some smart, economical ideas on how the new light of spring can be brought into your home.

Freshen soft furnishings

Although it’s less chilly at night, don’t put the faux fur throw away just yet!  When decorating their new homes, many of our clients opt for neutral basics in dining and living areas.  As well as walls and carpets, neutral beige, cream, grey and even white sofas and chairs present more opportunity with interior design for the changing seasons. 

When buying or making cushions, it’s vital that the covers have zips and are (preferably) washable.  As well as re-covering in spring colours, such as yellow and the ever-popular French blue and white stripes, think texture and quirks that reflect your personal flair. Large buttons made of coloured fabric or wood instead of zips, for example.  

A bright rug, along with tie backs on curtains, table runners, cloths or napkins also make a welcoming difference. Less is more, so make sure those well-chosen pieces pop with colour and texture, rather than overpower the room.

Linen loveliness

Along with the ritual of changing to a lighter duvet, this is also the perfect time to consider ways to freshen the bedroom for spring. Again, let cushions and accessories speak for themselves and replace what was perhaps a darker boudoir with spring brights or pastels. 

If you can’t find the right duvet cover or you want something more like a pair of sheets you’ve seen, don’t hesitate to make your own by sewing two sheets together then fastening the remaining end with your choice of buttons or zipper.  I heard of a woman who had cold feet after buying the beaded silk fabric for her wedding dress and now has the most lavish light duvet cover!

Don’t forget curtains and window treatments, with some of my clients opting for bespoke inside shutters that can be removed for winter.

Spring is a special season, and like a spring-cleaned wardrobe ready for the warmer nights ahead, you can also have fun and awaken your creativity with your interiors.

Floral flair

Fresh flowers such as daffodils and tulips cheer up even the dullest day, and seasonal flowers can be reasonably priced. The quality and availability of silk and synthetic flowers and plants have greatly increased, but do buy and display with caution.  Like all floral displays, believability often relies on them being seasonal and knowing when they’d naturally have their last bloom. Therefore don’t leave the daffodils out to compete with the Christmas lilies! 


Scent is possibly one of the most mood-altering and emotional of the senses, and again there is a wide range of candles, diffusers, melts and electronic dispersion units available. It’s no wonder the home scent market is one of the fastest-growing retail sectors in the US and, of course, online. 

The quality and type of scent you choose will make all the difference. Heavy oriental fragrances typically used in winter can be replaced with jasmine and delicate scents that evoke clothesline-fresh linen.

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