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Keep your new home cool and comfortable this summer

9 November 2018

With the smell of summer in the air, it’s time to put the winter duvets away, air the house, bring the barbeque out of hibernation and prepare for the summer ahead.

With forecasts predicting a record-breaking summer across the country, it’s important to find the right cooling solution so your family can escape the heat and humidity without facing bill shock for your power companies.

Generation Homes partner with national supplier Energy Efficient Solutions (EES) to provide homebuyers with a range of cooling and heating solutions to fit every budget. Products include energy efficient high wall heat pumps as well as ducted and multi-split systems. Insulation and ventilation options are also available. 

High wall heat pumps are a cost-effective solution that not only keep you warm in winter, but when in reverse cycle, they become an efficient air conditioner.

The individual systems are designed to cool localised areas in the home such as the main living area or bedrooms. Alternatively if you’re looking for a whole home cooling and heating system, upgrading to a ducted or multi-split system may be an option.

Cooling your home is much more cost effective when it’s insulated. Research shows that insulation can cut the cost of heating and cooling a home by up to 40 percent because it helps regulate internal temperatures. Pink® Batts® insulation is included in Generation Homes’ fixed price contract.

“We work closely with our customers to find the right energy-efficient solutions for their property and we believe this starts with quality insulation,” said Generation Homes Chief Executive Kevin Atkinson.

“The next step is to find the right product for their property and budget. All of our high wall, ducted and multi-split heat pumps have air conditioning capabilities to provide our customers with a high level of comfort year-round.”

  • High Wall Heat Pumps

High wall heat pumps are the most common home heating and cooling solution in New Zealand and come standard in Generation Homes’ new builds. Described as a great all-rounder for achieving comfort, high wall heat pumps are cost effective and offer exceptional performance and efficiency when cooling individual rooms.

  • Ducted Heat Pumps

Ducted heat pump systems are a popular choice for cooling and heating an entire house as they can be placed in the ceiling or floor without the need for internal wall units – only a few vents are visible and the entire system is connected to a single outdoor unit. They provide homeowners with the benefits of central air conditioning at a more affordable cost and are very quiet as there is no mechanical fan noise.

  • Multi-Split Heat Pumps

Multi-split systems are a smart investment in new homes because of the system’s ability to control the temperature in each room of the house. Multi-split heat pumps work by connecting a number of indoor high wall units to one outdoor unit, which can be matched to a home’s exterior colour scheme.


As a national top 10 residential building company, Generation Homes prides itself on providing customers with a fixed price, stress-free build and on time delivery guarantee without compromising on design. High wall heat pumps are a standard offering in Generation Homes’ new builds. Ducted heat pumps and other options such as multi-split heat pumps and ventilation systems are variations.