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Seven essentials for the perfect man cave

2 November 2018

The man cave has evolved as a concept: no longer a dark and dingy space resembling a college dorm room, instead its now grown up into a stylish sanctuary, or should that be ‘mantuary’, where men can leave the daily grind behind for the ultimate escape without leaving home.

Next-generation man caves are all about enjoying life’s small luxuries, rather than slumming it. With interior design touches such as dark panelled walls, black leather and male-friendly soft furnishings, you can easily create a sense of sophistication and luxury to even the dullest or tiniest of spaces.

New gadgets and technology aside, here are seven must-haves for creating a grown-up man cave for the Kiwi man to put up his feet in at the end of a busy day.

Invest in comfortable seating

If you splash out on only one item in your man cave, consider spoiling yourself with a quality couch, recliners or chairs. When choosing the perfect item, look for durable materials, great upholstery and workmanship – especially if you’re planning to invite your friends over regularly. Leather or vinyl are wipeable fabrics, making them easy to keep clean.

Ultimately, it all comes down to creating a comfortable, enveloping space – and seating is the first step to accomplishing that. Select classic items that aren’t likely to date and that speak to your sense of taste.   

Keep snack spoils on hand

The second step in planning your man cave space? Decide what you want to do in the space. If it’s a space to hide away from the world, make sure you have ample fridge space for all your favourite snacks and beverages.

If you intend to use your space for entertaining friends, consider kitting it out with a bar leaner and stools, and ensure you have enough seating for all. For an added treat, include a barbeque just outside the door so that you can grill your own meat while enjoying time with your mantuary guests. 

Display your most inspiring stuff

It’s important to make your man cave your own space and to surround yourself with your favourite things – so don’t be shy showcasing your favourite collectibles, art and photos. Use your interior wall space to hang art and framed photographs; a gallery display is a clever way to group even the most eclectic set of pieces in differing sizes.

If you’re a keen collector of items such as sports memorabilia, old cameras or movie-inspired paraphernalia, display collections by using shelves or mountable box frames.

Include smart storage solutions

It’s easy to forget about storage when planning your space – but the correct storage solution is essential for your man cave to remain stylish. Consider using solutions such as shelving, bookcases with baskets, or even a built-in closet to neatly store and hide away items such as tools, hobby kits and gadgets.

We understand every boy has his toys, and sometimes a substantial number of them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t all live within your new, polished space.

Add softer touches for greater comfort

Soft furnishings aren’t reserved for women – items such as luxurious throws, textured pillows and stylish floor rugs all add to that perfect relaxing and tactile experience. Drape a soft rug over the wooden chair at your desk, add pillows you can sink into on your couch, and find a woollen rug your feet will thank you for.   

Textures and fabrics such as velvet, mohair, alpaca wool, sheepskin, faux fur and chunky knits can add a luxurious, hotel-feel to your space – but use them sparingly to keep the space masculine.

Treat yourself to the finer things

A crystal whisky decanter set, a stainless steel mojito kit, a cold-drip coffee maker – your man cave provides the perfect excuse to prioritise your wants. Don’t settle for paper cups or the $2 glasses you bought 10 years ago; instead treat yourself to beautiful wine glasses. As men you’re used to providing for your family and putting their needs ahead of your own, but in your man cave you have the opportunity to get back to yourself and find meaningful ways to spoil yourself to the good stuff.

If you’re on a tight budget, limit yourself to one or two items and look out for retail sale periods to find your perfect item for less.

 Don’t forget elements of green

Even if your man cave utilises your garage or basement space, it’s important to incorporate plants and foliage to create a healthy atmosphere and add extra added dimension to your space.

Thankfully, there are so many ways to bring a slice of nature into your man cave. Look at including low-maintenance potted indoor plants such as cactus, ferns or philodendrons. Vertical plant walls and framed planters are also a sophisticated way to add variety and colour to your vertical spaces.

All of Generation Homes’ architecturally-designed house plans can be modified to accommodate individual needs – such a man caves and home offices. From luxurious floor to built-in storage solutions, we’ll help you included any customisations to suit your needs.