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Minimise chaos and clutter with a room for the modern kid

17 June 2015

Every parent has experienced moments when their home looks like a bomb went off in a toy factory.

Stuffed animals, colouring books, video games, building blocks and other child-related gadgets litter the floor making it near impossible to walk from the kitchen to the lounge room.

Designer Homeware, the internal storage supplier of Generation Homes, has experienced growing demand for functional and modern storage systems so parents can figuratively shut the door on their children’s mess.

“Many parents are time-poor and lead busy, stressful lifestyles so being able to design a kid’s room which provides some order to the chaos is paramount,” says Designer Homeware’s National Sales Manager Luanne Bettelheim.  

“Parents are using multi-level shelving to store boxes of toys, adjustable rails to hang up little items of clothing, desks for learning and drawing, as well as customised storage solutions for games and books.”

Ventilated shelving is a great solution for a kid’s room as parents can accessorise with basket sets to find a space for all those annoying bits and pieces.

“Paris from our ventilated standard range is our most popular setup for a kid’s wardrobe but other families are opting for our Melteca setups. Both ranges are durable, hardwearing and built to last,” says Luanne.

Designer Homeware has customised storage solutions and products to create every detail of today’s modern kid’s room.

“At our recent home show in Tauranga we experienced a high level of interest in our screen printed wardrobe sliding doors. Parents loved the idea of screen printing their child’s favourite superhero or fairy-tale character on the doors. It’s a fun and engaging way to add another element of creativity.”

Wardrobe sliding doors are not standard in Generation Homes’ plans however customers are welcome to choose this as a variation.
Creative and functional storage solutions aren’t the only features driving interior design trends, says Generation Homes chief executive Kevin Atkinson.

He says rustic wood textures and natural wood colours have proven to be popular additional features in kids’ rooms.  

“Natural wood is a nice way to blend a child’s deep appreciation for the great outdoors into a functional, modern room whether homeowners are designing a new concept or redecorating,” he says.

“We have seen trends of wooden walls, floors and ceiling designs teamed with alternative furniture, accessories and décor to add character to living spaces for children. For some homeowners, it’s about creating an enchanting haven or inspirational space for their kids.”

Other modern kid’s room design trends include vibrant colour schemes, textured combinations and themed spaces reflecting a favourite sporting team or activity.  

“Parents are using their kid’s interests as inspiration for their design of a bedroom or playroom,” says Kevin.

“By integrating functional storage solutions with creative lighting, colours and unique design features, we help Generation Homes' customers to create truly personal and exciting living spaces for their kids.”