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Four ways to find balance with colour

9 October 2017

A collection of globally inspired hues, cocooning combinations, breezy neutrals and folklore-inspired shades are the words used to describe Dulux’s latest interior colour trends.  

Generation Homes’ national paint supplier, Dulux, has themed its 2018 Colour Trends around ‘Balance’, talking to four beautifully curated palettes (shown from left to right in the images above):

  • Reflect: a collection of moody jewel tones
  • Escapade: a bright and bold colour palette
  • Kinship: earthy colours inspired by traditional cultures
  • Essential: a collection of soft, neutral tones

Each palette has been designed to help create balanced, harmonious interiors that allow us to relax and retreat, bringing us closer to our desire for more balance, connection and community.

“Natural, earthy colours and textures will be coming to the fore and there will be even more of an appreciation for the comfort of imperfection,” says Dulux colour expert Davina Harper.  

“At the same time, we’ll also see an inspiring travel palette emerging, filled with tropical prints and colours influenced by sun-drenched Brazil, Miami and Palm Springs.”

Harper confirms soft greenish-greys and neutral pinks are likely to be very popular in 2018 as they provide the perfect base to experiment with. She adds darker colours and striking hues will still be relevant in small doses as they add a sense of drama to the home.


With a hint of nostalgia, Reflect beautifully combines 70s glamour with 90s swagger through its use of decadent green, greyed-off purple and burnt rose hues to create a tastefully elegant colour palette.

The collection uses moody jewel tones to add a touch of drama and opulence to your home in a contemporary fashion.


The Escapade palette reflects a hunger for global adventures with its collection of saturated, summery brights, cool mints, deep teals and powdery pinks. As the lines between luxury and affordability continue to blur, Escapade brings us closer to reflecting our travels aspirations and dreams within interior spaces.

“Escapade is all about fun and adventure, and it’s a great example of how the emotional impact of colour can create a playful retreat with an added zest for life,” says Harper.

Geometric and diagonal lines mixed with botanical prints and block-shaped 80s furniture support this palette. Black is used in small doses to punctuate the overall look. 


This palette reflects our growing need to connect with our community in an age of political upheaval. It uses warm inviting tones of terracotta, burnished red and faded green to celebrate traditional influences and cultural diversity.

Kinship takes inspiration from craft details such as tassels, patterns, fringing, stitching, embroidery and carving.

“Mixing subtle neutrals with bolder hues derived from nature, Kinship is an exciting and eclectic palette that will rejuvenate any interior,” says Harper. “These are colours to lift you up with their positivity while keeping you snug with their warmth.”


Inspired by hygge and the minimalist movement, the Essential palette comprises of soft warm shades of leather, putty and cooler green-greys. It embraces imperfect finishes and uncomplicated design by pairing colour with interesting textures created from waste and by-products.

“With its predominantly muted palette, Essential will create a soft and peaceful setting,” says Harper.

“From the four palettes of 2018, this one will be popular as home enthusiasts will appreciate how easily these colours can transform and update a space.”


Playing with on-trend colours is an easy way to add an extra dimension and ambience to new homes.

“Nothing transforms faster than colour, and the more intense the colour, the stronger the transformation,” adds Harper.

For ideas for your home, view the Dulux Colour Trends online which contains all of the latest colours plus ideas on how to use them.

You can try experimenting with contrasting and unexpected colour combinations on your walls and decor – think light pink and magenta, blues with teals and peach tones or splashes of saturated brights. If you prefer a more neutral palette, opt for soft greys and green-greys to warm up your walls.

According to Harper, the key to making these new hues work in your home is to understand the look and feel you’re hoping to create.

“Establishing this will give you more confidence balancing the deeper and brighter colours with the more muted shades,” she adds.

For more design inspiration and professional advice, contact one of our new home consultants or visit a near you.

Images sourced from Dulux @duluxnz (www.dulux.co.nz/colours). Styled by Bree Leech and photography by Lisa Cohen and Mike Baker.