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Highly personalised plan wins for Pegasus couple

Highly personalised plan wins for Pegasus couple

Semi-retired English ex-pat couple and long-time North Canterbury residents, Judy and David Kirkpatrick, decided to move to Pegasus, just north of Christchurch in 2014, but had not yet partnered with a building company.

After a streamlined construction process the Kirkpatrick’s moved into their new Generation home just before Christmas. GP David and physiotherapist Judy have been proud Cantabrians since 1976 and chose to customise several architecturally-designed plans Generation Homes has to offer.

The result is a stunning new home that is highly customised but immediately homely, and feels like it has been lived in much longer than six months.

Quote from Judy and David Kirkpatrick
Overall, the final outcome means that we can entertain and have good family gatherings. Our two sons and two grandchildren spent Christmas and Easter with us, and it’s all been really comfy, even at Christmas when we’d only just moved in.

Judy and David Kirkpatrick

GH What initially drew your interest to Generation Homes?

It was actually quite funny – a chance discussion with a shopkeeper at Pegasus Village really pointed us in your direction. We got chatting one morning, she asked us what we were up too, and I said we were looking at showhomes with a view to building in Pegasus. She asked if we had tried Generation Homes as they’d built quite a few homes here and she’d heard nothing but great feedback.

Word of mouth is often the most powerful recommendation and that was the point where we decided we had to make contact.

GH Great. What sealed the deal after getting in contact?   
DAVID We liked the look, overall finish and layout of the showhome. We wanted to move to our site at Pegasus reasonably quickly, so wanted to work with a company that would do a good job and be able to do it within a reasonably quick timeframe.
GH Were the Generation Homes ‘on time and on budget’ guarantees key factors for you?

Definitely – and both time and budget were bang on. We had actually rented a property across the road from our section before we bought it, to make sure the area suited us, and lived there throughout the build. That gave us a very close perspective of the building process.

I thought the builders would probably be thinking “oh no, an owner living just across the road, he’ll be really nosey and interfering”, but the whole team were really welcoming and I didn’t ever feel like my comments or opinions weren’t welcome.

GH Your home seems very personalised and gives the impression of being lived-in far longer than the six months you’ve been here. What custom aspects are contained in the build?

There’s about $100,000 worth of additions here. We’re both very into cooking so the kitchen, pantry and dining area aren’t standard. We made sure the pantry was extra large plus we’ve built the house specifically to take in the views.

We had a container load of furniture ready to move in as soon as the build was complete, and we’ve collected some nice art and objects over the years. When we threw in some old family furniture, that really completed the ‘instantly lived in’ look.
GH How easy was it to incorporate the special features into the build?

A lot are structural. We had a plan drawn up which incorporated the different parts we liked from a number of the available Generation Homes designs. As well as that, we were also very keen to add an extra-wide wood burner.

We’d always wanted a real fire. Our farming friends had offered us free wood and we weren’t keen on paying for the electricity to run a heat pump if we didn’t need too. Generation Homes worked with us to modify the plan to incorporate the fire and we’re really looking forward to getting it lit over winter.

GH How did the building process go?

It was very impressive – not just because the construction manager drove it so well by constantly staying in touch and quickly answering emails and phone messages, but because everyone involved worked extremely well together and were very approachable.

Some time was spent in the planning process but once it started it progressed with great speed, and we’re very happy with the result.

GH What are some of your favourite features of the house?
DAVID The fact that we’ve built the house to take in the views. On our first morning here we opened up the curtains – sunlight was streaming in and we could lie there and see the water. We actually put our sunglasses on and just lay on the bed and soaked it all in, which might have looked a bit weird if anyone could’ve seen us, but that’ll probably be a moment we’ll both always remember.
GH What advice would you give to people contemplating a new build?

Spend time in the planning phases and work with a company you’ve done some research on.

Our introduction to Generation Homes came from a random conversation with a shopkeeper and it proved to be a great partnership. We didn’t just dive into that partnership, but after we’d checked out the company and made contact, we decided that it would be a partnership that would work – and it did.