Aaron Cruden 14 Week Build

Roof and Windows

Week 4

Roof and Windows

The house that Grace and Aaron Cruden are building is starting to take shape. This week the roof tiles, soffits (the finished surface below the fascia and rafters) spouting and windows are installed, giving the home a permanent structure.

“Having natural light in as many rooms as possible is important to us,” Aaron says. “It’s also important to ensure the windows in this home are in the right place to maximise views and provide the best possible aspect towards the sun.” Tile roofs are timeless. They do not rot, aren’t affected by borer and are long lasting. Another benefit of tiles is that air circulation is enhanced. For this home Grace and Aaron have not forgotten about people’s furry friends.

“One of the things we are thinking about is incorporating some pet-friendly features into the house. We might look a things like built-in food bowls in kitchen cabinetry, installing a cat door, dedicated animal sleeping areas and increased storage for pet-related items,” says Grace.

According to the New Zealand Companion Animal Council, New Zealand is a nation of pet owners, with 68 percent of households owning at least one pet – a higher percentage than in any other comparable country. Looking after people’s pets is something Generation Homes can cater to.

“We also want to make sure that there is plenty of storage in this home,” says Grace.

Generation Homes’ internal storage supplier, Designer Homeware, has experienced growing demand for customised storage options to cater for personal accessories.

“People are looking to get more out of their wardrobes by incorporating extra accessories like jewellery drawers, display cases, pull-out clothing racks and improved lighting for greater functionality and practicality,” says Designer Homewares managing director Chris Dominikovich.

Other trends to maximise storage around the home include increasing the amount of shelving in linen cupboards and replacing traditional wardrobe doors with sliding doors to save space.

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The 14 week Generation Homes process

Week 4 – Roof and Windows

Generation Home typically takes 14 weeks to build a new home. This week roof tiles, soffits, spouting and windows are installed. This gives a permanent structure to your home. It also shows the first visible indication of colour choices on the outside of your home.