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Kerry J Hitchcock

16 October 2019 Leianne Henderson Tauranga & the Wider Bay of Plenty
A stress-free build with Generation Homes leaves client wishing she'd done it years ago

I met Leianne in late 2018 when I was looking for a house to purchase. I had become extremely frustrated in trying to obtain what I would consider a liveable home with a 2 car garage.  I had been recommended by friends to look at Generation Homes, who had a very good reputation for quality. From my first meeting with...

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20-year courtship with Generation Homes leads couple to build in Papamoa

15 June 2018 Tauranga & the Wider Bay of Plenty

After admiring Generation Homes’ s for over twenty years, Brian and Jacqui Cavit finally got to build their dream home with the multi-award...

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Investment property and new home in three years for Tauranga couple

18 February 2018 Tauranga & the Wider Bay of Plenty

For Richard and Elizabeth Vialoux, the decision to build with Generation Homes was a match made in heaven. Having recently celebrated their 30th...

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'Same, same but different' rings true for second new home build

10 January 2018 Tauranga & the Wider Bay of Plenty

A Tauranga couple loved their first house plan with Generation Homes so much they returned to build the same house again on a new section, but this...

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Aucklanders trade North Shore for Katikati to build dream home

7 August 2017 Tauranga & the Wider Bay of Plenty

Peter and Gail Turner aren’t newcomers to the property market. Over the years, they’ve each had varied experiences, from renovations to...

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Papamoa creatives find beachside bliss

1 July 2015 Tauranga & the Wider Bay of Plenty

The burgeoning beachside area of Papamoa in the Bay Of Plenty is a high growth area, not only in population, but in arts and commerce. Busy parents,...

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Third build together cements long-term relationship

15 June 2015 Tauranga & the Wider Bay of Plenty

Patricia Rogers first partnered with Generation Homes in the early 2000s to build a small home in one of the first subdivisions in Papamoa, Tauranga....

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