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Five ways to make the family build easier

19 July 2021

Moving can be stressful for you and your family, particularly when you’re building a brand new home. There’s a lot going on and so many decisions to make, which can sometimes seem overwhelming. Younger kids might be confused about what’s happening, or your teenagers might be sad to leave the home they’ve grown up in. Here’s our top tips for making a new build that little bit easier for the whole family.

Involve the kids in the process

Even from a young age kids pick up on things, so it’s best to be honest about your plans and involve your children in the process of building your new home. Another good tip is to track your home’s progress as a family. From seeing the structural framework take shape, to getting the keys – your little ones can tick off each step as they’re completed. It’s important to celebrate the milestones along the way and make the process fun for everyone.  

Work with a trusted builder

Kids crave routine, so keeping things on schedule will help maintain a sense of normality during a time when you’re all going through a big change. Working with a building company you can trust to deliver results on time and at fixed price will help make the process easier for the whole family. Building a new home should be an exciting journey, so let your home builder take away those unnecessary stresses.

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Share the plans

Share the plans and designs with the whole family, it will make everything seem more real when they can see where their new rooms will be. Listen to their ideas – let your children help design their own rooms by picking up paint colours and furniture options together. This will get them excited about their new rooms and look forward to moving in.

Visit often

If the kids are feeling a bit apprehensive about the big move, visiting often will allow them to become more comfortable with their new neighbourhood and help them get excited about the change. If there’s a park nearby, perhaps take them one day and explain how it will be close by when you move. Drive past the new home after school during the build and have a quick look at what’s happening. This will allow everyone to see the house taking shape and start getting excited about the final product.

Unpack the kid’s rooms first

Once your beautiful new home is finished and you can finally move in, another great tip for the little ones, is to unpack their rooms first. Let them help decide the layout of their new room, they’ll feel more connected to the space and will soon settle into the new home.

For more information on how you can make the building process easier with kids, download our free eBook - Building with Kids below: