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Colour a remedy for the senses

27 February 2017

A collection of globally inspired hues, saturated combinations, a cool tonal palette and colours that promote texture and warmth are the driving force behind Dulux’s 2017 Colour Trends.

Generation Homes’ national paint supplier, Dulux, presented its latest colour forecast ‘Antidote: A Colour Cure’ in four carefully curated themes: Sentience, Chroma, Entwine and Construct. Each theme is designed to combat the modern challenges of the digital age by using colour and texture as a remedy for the senses.

Dulux colour expert Davina Harper says an emphasis on tactility, deep blues and a growing demand for neutral colours, including greys and ‘greiges’, are driving interior colour trends worldwide. Griege is a combination of grey and the earthy qualities of beige. It can also be called warm grey or cool beige.

“There is an ongoing desire to create havens that cater to all our senses which will see the prominence of textures blended with muted hues,” she says.

“Deeper blues and greens such as Dulux Kea Point are predicted to be the dominant colours in 2017 and we will also see a rise in the popularity of earthy greens such as Dulux Dusky Forest. Greys and greiges which have evolved to feature subtle undertones are also in demand.”

Each year a team of Dulux colour experts study international trends, drawing inspiration from design trade shows, the fashion industry, new technology and media to create four distinctive colour palettes.


Inspired by a yearning to create a tactile environment, the Sentience palette promotes harmony through the use of subtle pastels, soft neutrals and new beiges with hints of grey that can be paired with other mellow hues.

Sentience takes its cues from natural materials such as clay, minerals, stone and wood. Integrating textures in washed earth tones will add dimension and help complete the look.


With a heavier focus on texture, the Construct palette inspires pared-back beauty with the inclusion of industrial influences, raw materials, structure and form. Embrace the warmth of tarnished metals combined with a neutral and cool palette to create the illusion of depth and accentuate interior details.

Dark grey combinations can be highlighted with copper and concrete effects, while deep inky blues add interest to the monochromatic scheme.

“The combination of those deep blues, subtle greys and the rawness found in concrete with splashes of copper offers the perfect components to create understated luxury – a look anyone can achieve,” Davina says.


The Entwine palette embraces the idea of connection and takes its cues from the simplicity of weaving by incorporating rich shades that are deep and earthy. Entwine is a combination of modernity and tradition.

Think of colours heavily influenced by landscapes from South America to the Middle East, such as bold shades of red with a burnished edge, burgundy, brown and orange set against unexpected twists of zesty yellow or blue.


Making a daring statement is easy with the striking Chroma palette. Inspiration is guided by the past with peach, melon, yellow and teal hues combined with optical illusions, layered materials and reflections. The movement is distinctly modern with subtle retro influences.

Use shapely furniture, block colour and line work to create illusions that evolve beyond mid-century postmodern style into a vivid and chromatic haven. Black and white is an important combination, while greyed-off tertiary hues can be paired with saturated colours to create intriguing combinations.

How to apply colour in your new home

Experimenting with colour is an easy yet effective way to add personality and ambience to new homes.

Neutrals are ever-popular due to the sense of flexibility and ease of living the colour palette provides. However stepping outside the mould can be a great way to make a new home appeal to future buyers.

According to Davina, one of the best ways to apply colour in new homes is to focus on high impact areas such as the entrance, kitchen or living area. Bedrooms and bathrooms can also be a great place to create a new look – remember even the smallest touch of colour can have a big impact.

If your heart is set on a particular colour trend don’t be afraid to work the concept throughout the property. As a general rule, the interior and exterior elements of a home should work in harmony and tie the overall scheme together.

For more design inspiration and professional advice, contact one of our new home consultants or visit a near you.

Images sourced from Dulux Colours of New Zealand. Stylists: Bree Leech and Heather Nette King. Photographer: Lisa Cohen.