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Matamata families to benefit from Generation Homes sponsorship

18 September 2017

New parents can enjoy more support in their local community thanks to Generation Homes new partnership with Matamata Plunket.

Generation Homes Matamata’s financial pledge will help advance the rollout of Plunket’s parent education programmes in the area. Its contribution of more than $6,000 will positively impact the level of care babies and toddlers aged two years and under receive.  

“Generation Homes has a longstanding tradition of supporting families within the areas we operate. We don’t see it as sponsorship - it’s simply support from our family to yours,” said Trevor Roberts, Director of Generation Homes Matamata.

“It’s important for new mums and dads to have access to the right tools so they can be great parents. The challenges of raising young children while coping with the stress of fulltime work can be overwhelming. We see it as our duty to help create happy homes within the communities we are building.”

Generation Homes’ funding will be used to support the delivery of three parent education programmes in Matamata:

  • Your Growing Baby (0-6 months)
  • Your Moving Baby (6 months to 1 year)
  • Your Active Toddler (1 to 2 years)

Plunket is a national not-for-profit organisation which offers families expert and localised advice they can trust about parenting, child health and nutrition.

Plunket National Partnership Manager Nin Roberts says each education programme ensures new parents are supported and have access to the right information to give their babies the best start in life.

“As a charity, all our community services for families are funded by partnerships like these, which give us the opportunity to offer valuable early child development services to the community free of charge,” she said.

“We offer a non-judgemental community service and help parents develop their unique parenting style. Our classes also serve as a networking opportunity because it’s important for new parents to meet others going through the same experience.”

All of Plunket’s education programmes aim to improve parents’ knowledge of nutrition, stimulation, safety, behavioural changes and day-to-day care, so they are empowered to manage the needs of their baby and enjoy the experience of parenthood.

Parents can attend two-hour sessions for up to six weeks at the Plunket Matamata centre.

This sponsorship is yet another way Generation Homes has demonstrated its commitment to supporting families and strengthening communities.

Generation Homes was established in Tauranga in 1997, and is focused on providing affordable houses to New Zealand families expecting a quality home without compromising on design.

Roberts has many years of experience working in the building and construction industry, and partnered with Generation Homes in 2012. Generation Homes is a national top 10 residential building company that has built more than 4000 homes throughout New Zealand within the last 20 years.

Generation Homes’ new Matamata is located on the corner of Banks Road and O'Sullivan Drive, Evergreen Estate, is open every Thursday and Sunday from 12-3pm.