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Trust earned by three builds within three years

Trust earned by three builds within three years

The Waikato is a thriving hub of the dairy industry, with much to offer in lifestyle choices. So when sharemilkers Rod and Noeline Beecroft, who manage a property running 950 dairy cows near Morrinsville started planning for their retirement they didn’t have to look far location-wise to build an ideal investment property.

They decided Cambridge was a future-proof option and chose to partner with Generation Homes for that initial build in 2012. Three years later they are the proud owners of three Generation Homes investment properties in Cambridge and have established a secure retirement nest egg.

We caught up with Rod and Noeline to find out how this was achieved.

Quote from Noelene Beecroft
In a way Generation Homes have become our investment partner, and we’re both really happy with that choice.

Noelene Beecroft

GH Let’s start with your first partnership with Generation Homes. How did it come about?
ROD We’re both in our sixties and when you reach that age you start thinking about retirement. Having a reliable investment nest egg is a big consideration, and we started looking at building a house in Cambridge.

It’s not far from us, and is really establishing itself as a great place to live. It’s basically a satellite suburb of Hamilton now, and as the new stages of the northern expressway open over the coming years, Cambridge will have even quicker access through to Auckland.

It’s also becoming a real sporting hub, with the high-performance base for Rowing New Zealand at Lake Karapiro, Cycling New Zealand is also based there. On top of that it is also a stronghold for thoroughbred horse breeding. St Peter’s School is a big drawcard for families with school-age children.

NOELINE We’re sharemilkers and are on our sixth season at our current property. I help with calf-raising and farm management admin, which means we don’t have a lot of spare time and Rod has very little free time. That meant that when we were looking for a building company we had to be able to trust that we could leave the project in their hands without having to worry about anything going wrong.

The guaranteed price and guaranteed on time delivery aspect of building with Generation Homes jumped out at us, and after a bit of research, where we heard really good things about Generation, we decided that they would be handling our first build.
ROD That first build was a great experience, everything came in exactly on schedule, and we found that Generation Homes were true to their word, true to their promises, and really delivered on everything they said they would.
GH Great. That first build is now the Generation Homes showhome in Cambridge Park. Obviously that initial experience had some bearing in the choices you made for your next builds?
NOELINE Very much so. Our next build happened one year later. We had such a good experience the first time around that when it came to the second house there was no question of partnering with anyone else.
ROD When you’re financing a house for a retirement investment you want to finish up with a home that is going to attract long-term, good tenants and will accrue in value so that if we decide to sell a few years down the track we’ll get a good return. We were after neutral finishing that would appeal to a wide range of tenants and buyers, and we had some great advice from Generation Homes in achieving this.
NOELINE For the second home we chose the Stirling design, which has four bedrooms with an ensuite off the master bedroom, a family dining room off the kitchen, a separate lounge and a double garage.
ROD This was a really good fit on a 760 sqm section. The build went really smoothly, exactly the same as last time, and we were really impressed by the quality of the home and the finishing of the detailing. With those kind of results and such a smooth process in getting it done, our third build kicked off eight months later.


NOELINE We went with Cambridge Park again, because it’s such an appealing place for so many people, but decided that we could spend a bit more money to make the finished house more marketable. We went with the Parkwood design, which has four bedrooms and roughly the same specs as the Stirling design, but is a step up in terms of all over finishing, looks and marketability, which ultimately translates to better returns for us. By this time we knew the build would be an easy, stress-free experience. We knew we’d be able to make our choices, trust they would be carried out to the highest degree and that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything. That rang true, and that build finished in July 2014.
ROD In that whole time of three builds being completed in under three years I only had to turn up on site once, which was to make a decision about the electrical system that would be used in one of the houses.

I guess we might not have the typical story when it comes to building a house – or three in this case – but when you get to our age, and are in the position of being really busy because you’re building up that retirement nest egg, being able to trust your building partner is a very important thing.
NOELINE In a way Generation Homes have become our investment partner, and we’re both really happy with that choice.
ROD The current downturn in the dairy industry is a bit of a worry, and it puts us in the situation where we just can’t afford to make any mistakes. Partnering with Generation Homes was definitely not a mistake, and means we’ve come out of our building experience with three very good quality homes that will provide really well for our future. So that’s really reassuring for us both.
NOELINE Very much so.