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Increasing housing density with sensitivity

21 July 2022

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the densification of certain urban areas. Rumour has it that anyone can build three homes on their section without resource consent and can even build more than three homes with resource consent.

There are two sides to every debate and this ruling is no different. It’s been met with open arms by some owners hoping to cash-in on the new value of their section and generated utter disdain from those who prefer lower density. The city council’s ambition to limit urban sprawl likely means the current trend of building new townships further and further away from employment nodes and using up more pastural land may become less common.

The Auckland Plan defines nodes as growth areas critical to accommodating a high concentration of residential and employment development. Auckland’s urban nodes are the City Centre, Manukau, Westgate, and Albany. Its rural nodes are Warkworth and Pukekohe. With the solution to any challenge, there are always degrees of change. The team at

Generation Homes Auckland North believe the solution is to apply a professional attitude to achieve sensitive densification. For those wishing to increase the density of their properties, they recommend working with a team of seasoned professionals to realise your goal of financial gain while possibly upgrading or replacing your existing home.

A proposed development of your section could include a bonus new, smaller, smarter, modern Generation Home.

  • Generation Homes is one of the very few construction companies that offers a real fixed price building contract.
  • Real estate services from leading local agents.
  • Urban planners and consenting agents fully equipped to advise and present accurate cost expectations of increasing the densification, highlighting the most practical and affordable solutions.
  • Architects experienced in creating compact home plans with stunning aesthetics that will enhance the local environment and increase values in the immediate neighbourhood.

If you own land, the Generation Homes team can help you explore all of the options. Whether you may be looking to rebuild, subdivide or develop a boutique subdivision, they can work with you. Contact the team today or visit

Article published in the Rodney Times 21 July 2022. For more information on achieving sensitive densification please contact our Generation Homes Auckland North Team.