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Step 10: Colour Comes to Life

21 October 2020

This stage lets you see the result of your hard work in choosing your wall colours. The painter comes and three coats are professionally applied. You can really start to get a sense of the atmosphere of your home.

For homeowners this week is one of the most exciting and rewarding because it is the first time the results of their personal creativity come to life after choosing the wall colours. Over the course of the week, painters will apply three professional coats to the interior walls.

Colour can transform any living environment, whether you choose a palette that’s oozing style or setting a humble tone. You can make a dramatic statement or make areas appear more spacious and light. Whatever your goals may be, our team of colour specialists will help you develop the perfect balance.

There are plenty of colour tricks you can use to enhance the size or mood of a room. If you have a space that you want to look warmer, careful use of colour can create cosiness. On the other hand, you can easily create the opposite affect using cool colours.

Red has started making a big impact in dinning rooms because it evokes a warm and comfortable feeling that is said to encourage hunger and stimulate conversation. Considering how a colour makes you feel should play a major role in your decision making process.

Don’t forget lighting can also change the way a colour comes across. A general rule is to select three shades of the colour you like and look at them at different times during the day and night until you find your perfect shade.

Some other tips include painting a big room a brighter, warmer colour to bring the walls in and for a smaller room a cooler colour will push the walls out. Some of the trends for 2015 include the use of pastels combined with stimulating modern accents.

For those wanting to create something out of the ordinary, different paint techniques can be used to create a wonderful variety of textured effects including colour washing, sponging, rag rolling, lime-wash effects or added sparkle. Different textures can also offer an interesting alternative to plain painted walls or wallpaper.

Generation Homes’ paint supplier, Dulux, encourages people to explore a range of different colour combinations and techniques before even lifting a brush.

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