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Step 11: Electrics and Bathrooms

21 October 2020

All of the electrical work will be finished at this point, hooking your home up to the grid. The bathroom suites are all installed and prepared to make way for the team to finish off with your beautiful tiling.

While many homeowners agree selecting the right colour palette can be an arduous task, choosing the right lighting can be another challenge altogether.

Light has the power to characterise and accent your home. It can create an aura of intimacy, a bright burst of clean, crisp energy or a touch of sophistication. Lighting can also change your perception of colour so it’s vitally important for you to select a system that works in harmony with all interior elements.

The natural beauty of our surrounding environment means many Kiwis are attracted to natural light, using big windows and doors to encourage great indoor-outdoor flow. However, high traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms often require efficient and effective lighting solutions. To help guide your lighting choices it’s worthwhile considering what tasks you will likely complete in each area of the house to determine what system, feature or design would work the best.

Our dedicated team of lighting designers will help you develop an effective lighting scheme that provides increased flexibility controls (i.e. dimmers) and a high level of visual comfort using energy efficient products.

As your home is being hooked up to the grid, the bathroom suites are also installed and prepared to make way for the team to finish off your beautiful tiling.

For many Kiwis it’s hard to go past the classic and timeless appeal of whites and neutral colours in the bathroom. This colour palette provides the perfect backdrop for rich timber, stone or marble finishes, or to balance splashes of colour on a bold feature wall or the use of patterned tiles. To keep to a neutral palette, our colour range will typically vary between cool or warm tones in white, neutral, grey, beige, tan, cream and coffee-tones.

Large mirrors, double vanities, tiled showers, energy efficient LED lighting systems and underfloor heating are some of the additional bathroom features in hot demand.

Next step is the final stage of construction before the finishing touches are completed. The countdown has begun and it’s only a matter of time before you will be unlocking the door to your new Generation home.

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