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Step 13: Finishing touches

21 October 2020

This is when your house becomes a home. The installation of the carpets, blinds, shelving and door hardware mean that your home is ready for the cleaners and final inspection.

You won’t be able to contain your excitement as the carpets, blinds, shelving and door hardware are applied. These final touches completely transform your property from a house to a home.

The end of Step 13 is the perfect time to take a last minute stroll through the property to get a feel for the beautiful, homely atmosphere you have created.

Specialised storage is a buzzword of interior design and many Generation Homes’ customers see value in decluttering their surroundings for a better sense of style and ease of living. This has seen a rise in customised storage products to cater for personal accessories such as jewellery drawers, display cases, pull-out clothing frames and footwear racks.

These storage solutions make simple daily tasks easier by improving functionality and practicality of simple spaces around the home.

According to Designer Homeware, Generation Homes’ internal storage supplier, ventilated shelving is a great solution for people on a budget and is most commonly used in kids’ rooms or laundry cupboards. Ventilated shelving is standard in all Generation Homes’ housing plans however customers can choose to upgrade to a customised collection.

Our national supplier and contractor agreements are underpinned by price, quality and on-time guarantees – but Step 13 is where you really see the value of these longstanding partnerships.

At Generation Homes, we present our customers with a fully completed product with no hidden extras. This means as we hand you the keys to your new home you can move in with peace of mind that all finishing touches including the landscaping, letterbox, fencing and clothes line are all included in the cost.

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