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Step 7: Sealed from the elements

21 October 2020

Interior linings and internal plastering enables you to visualise your true living environment. The garage door is also fitted during this step allowing your house to be completely lockable. This step also sees the boundary fencing erected.

You have now reached the halfway point of your build and for many homeowners this is a milestone worth celebrating. Many couples start visualising each room to ensure all interior design elements flow seamlessly from one space to the next.

Needless to say with the garage now completely lockable, most men can’t wait to start designing their own garage workshop or “man cave”.

Garages can be so much more than a place to park your car and store excess junk. Whether you want to build a DIY workspace, create a haven of additional storage solutions or a place to ‘hang with the boys’, the Generation Homes team can help you put pen to paper and bring your ideas to life.

During this step it is a perfect time to take some measurements, talk through your ideas and get advice on the latest and most innovative products on the market.

Another important development during Step 7 is the construction of the boundary fence. This means the interior and exterior perimeters of your property are now clearly defined.

Take a walk around the backyard with the Generation Homes’ team of landscaping architects to discuss what outdoor features will add value to your home and suit your lifestyle and budget.

Is privacy a big factor for you? If so, think about planting trees or shrubs that will further mask the outline of your property. If you want shade in the summer think about incorporating a trellis that could run off a fence, planting tall native trees or adding a shade sail connected to one area of the house.

Edible gardens are an increasingly popular feature in backyards, driven by people’s desire to grow and harvest their own food – think feijoa hedging, which produces stunning flowers, as well as a bounty of fruit, individual herb gardens and berry plants for the ultimate harvest.

It’s a nice way to stay in touch with nature while maintaining a garden-fresh bounty in the kitchen.

We encourage all Generation Homes’ customers to add their own personal touches throughout the 14 step build process. Our interior design experts and talented landscapers provide valuable advice whether you wish to include a vibrant splashback in the kitchen or stylish outdoor entertainment area for the whole family to enjoy.

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