Welcome to Taupo, Rotorua, Kawerau & South Waikato

About the Region

The Rotorua-Taupo region stretches from the geothermal wonderland and tourism mecca of Rotorua to the lakeside vista’s of Taupo.

Rotorua was a pioneer of New Zealand’s early tourism era. It became known internationally as a spa destination from 1883, and has capitalised on its geothermal activity ever since. The geysers at Whakawerawera have been a long-term drawcard, but in the 1970s attractions such as Rainbow and Fairy Springs, the Skyline Gondola and Luge, and the Agrodome – featuring agricultural activities were added. Whitewater rafting and Zorb balling were added in the 2000s.

Mountain biking has established itself as a major attraction as many forest trails with easy access to Rotorua city were built. The influence of the Te Arawa tribe has played a big part in tourism, with the Te Puia Maori Arts and Crafts Institute becoming an attraction in its own right. Rotorua has a population of 56,000, which is served by hundreds of schools, and a hospital. The Waiariki Institute of Technology provides tertiary education.

Taupo sits on the north eastern shores of New Zealand’s largest lake, which it takes its name from. It has always been a popular summertime destination, and is the largest town near the Mt Ruapehu skifields and Tongariro Crossing. The Huka Falls, a spectacular gushing waterfall is only a short drive out of town.

Taupo has experienced much development in recent years with the opening of a Hilton Hotel and Taupo Motorsport Park becoming big attractions. An ever-expanding network of mountain bike trails was begun in the mid 1990s and are now firmly established and very popular.

Taupo has a population of around 24,000, and is another high growth area. It is served by many schools and Taupo Hospital. Both Taupo and Rotorua’s many attractions earmark them for high future growth, ensuring that the Rotorua-Taupo  Generation Homes team will be kept busy helping new customers into quality houses for many years to come.

Our Taupo Regional Partner – Paul Marshall

Paul is the twin brother of Lyndon Marshall, our Tauranga Regional Partner. The brothers grew up on a dairy farm near Reparoa, halfway between Rotorua and Taupo, so it is apt that Paul now oversees both areas for us. Paul has a long background in rural life and the building industry. Although he worked in a bank for a short stint after leaving school, Paul started building, then ran Skyline with Lyndon, taking over when Lyndon became our first joint venture partner.However, it wasn’t long until he joined the Generation family too.

“We’ve always had a tight-knit family – we even had Mum and Dad in the office when we were involved in Skyline. I really liked Generation Homes’ family orientated approach, and when the chance came to come aboard it was a really easy decision to make.”

Paul lives in Taupo with his wife and three children. After being a lifelong rugby player he had to “give the bones a rest” five years ago, and now mountain bikes at least 60 kilometres per week on the network of world class trails around Taupo.