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About Us

Our Visions & Values

Discover the values that we stand by to build a our strong culture.

Our Vision

To be New Zealand’s best project partner

Our Promise

Making building easy

Our Purpose

Building homes for generations

For over 24 years, we’ve helped shape the lives of generations – creating communities of people that
love where they live. Through housing shortages, and housing booms – we’ve been there – a safe, steady, reliable pair of hands with an unwavering level of integrity in everything we do.

We’ve given generations of Kiwis a place to call home. Now we’re home to every generation.

Our Values


 Generation Homes Our Visions & Values 01 Responsibilty Put Your Name On It

Put your name on it

To deliver on our promise it is vital that every team member takes ownership of their actions, by embracing responsibility, showing leadership and making decisions. 

Putting our ‘name on it’ is also about taking pride in everything we do – from our results, to our customer service and quality of the communities we help create. Each day we are creating our legacy, so let’s do it right.


  • Pass the buck
  • Take shortcuts
  • Let others down
 Generation Homes Our Visions & Values 02 Honesty Look In The Mirror

Look in the mirror

Our industry relies on trust and integrity – and so do we. For each of us to be able to look at ourselves in the mirror, we must do the right thing, every time, even when no one is looking. 

This means putting the customer first, doing what we say we’ll do, and going the extra mile. It means we have to be honest and straight up in our communication and acknowledge that sometimes it’s OK to say ‘no’.


  • Mislead people
  • Promise more than we can deliver
  • Give anything less than our best
 Generation Homes Our Visions & Values 03 Respect Muck In

Muck in

Generation Homes is built upon family values. To be part of the family, we need to muck in and play our part – offering support, advice, and working with others to get the job done. 
We are humble. We put WE before ME. And we do our best to get along with everyone. 


  • Pass the buck
  • Take shortcuts
  • Let others down
 Generation Homes Our Visions & Values 04 Empathy Walk In Their Shoes

Walk in their shoes

Winning relationships are the key to our success – and the key to winning relationships is genuine understanding.

In every interaction, we are focused on flipping our perspective to see where others are coming from, so we can work together to create win-win outcomes. Walking in their shoes means we think about ourselves less, and others more. We ask questions and listen for answers. Because when we think of others, everyone wins


  • Assume we are always right
  • Judge people based on our differences
  • Expect others to think the same as us
 Generation Homes Our Visions & Values 05 Alignment Check The Plan

Check the plan

Like all great teams, we know that it’s the people around us that allow us to achieve greatness.

At the same time, if we forget to regularly check the plan, we’ll all end up at different destinations. It’s important that we understand the big picture behind everything we do – and how we can each play our part. It’s starts by asking ‘why?’ followed by ‘how can I help?’


  • Keep information to ourselves
  • Assume everyone knows what the plan is
  • Wait for others to explain what we need to do
 Generation Homes Our Visions & Values 06 Initiative Finish The Job

Finish the job

There is no time to waste, it’s up to us to finish everything we start! We don’t wait to be asked; we lead from the front.

We don’t wait for opportunities to fall in our lap; we go out and make it happen. We don’t throw in the towel; we react with patience and positivity. We don’t complain; we make it better. It’s not up to anyone else but ourselves, no matter what our position.


  • Wait for others to solve problems
  • Give up
  • Put off what we can do today