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Sound of Home

What is the sound of home?

A house built with expert care and attention by Generation Homes isn’t just a house, it’s a home.

It’s a place that sets the stage for the rhythm of your life, whatever that may be; the happy patter of footsteps on a tiled floor, the sound of bubbling laughter at a kids birthday party, the whistle of a kettle in brand new kitchen or the sound of a warm welcome at the front door.  


That's the sound of a new home

And with agreed timeframes and fixed prices, building your new house is easier than you might think...

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Bringing 'The Sound of Home' to life...

The Rhythm of your life

Everyone has a different rhythm to their life. Find a plan that suits you and embraces the sounds that surround you everyday...


Happy footsteps. Bubbling Laughter. A Whistling Kettle.

The sound of bare feet running across a wooden floor.

Keys being taken from a bowl.

The engine of a car starting.

The rhythmic bark of a dog.

A child calling “Mum!”

A toaster popping.

Dad singing in the shower.

A hairdryer going.

A doorbell ringing.

The "hello" of a warm greeting.

These are all the sounds of home...



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