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A sanctuary for pampering
Posted on 31 Aug 2022

There’s nothing like a self-care pamper evening at home and often, the room where that self-indulgence takes place is the bathroom. It’s crucial your bathroom is both an appealing sanctuary where you can relax and a functional space where you can take care of yourself.

Designing the bathrooms within your dream home is an opportunity to add a sense of luxury and to establish a calm atmosphere by introducing nature into the décor.

Plants and greenery bring your bathrooms to life and indoor vegetation thrives in the humid atmosphere of your wet areas.

Your space can be differentiated with coloured finishes on tapware and accessories without a huge cost. There’s also the opportunity to splash out on stunning designer European tapware to transform your bathroom or guest WC into a show piece in your home.

Textured and panel materials for vanities, baths, basins and feature walls are popular in 2022.

Introducing lines and elements of natural materials such as concretes, marble or batten into the bathrooms creates a tranquil environment and adds a point of difference.

Freestanding baths are in demand for the family bathroom and add a luxurious touch.

Multi-use shower spaces are on trend. These larger walk-in shower spaces feature multiple showering options for all the occupants such as overhead units, body sprays, and hand showers.

For the practical aspects of the room, rimless toilets are becoming the standard for people keen to upgrade their toilet pans as they are hygienic, use less water and are easy to clean.

There are some tricks to making the most of your bathrooms’ dimensions:

  • For a small area a wall hung vanity and toilet suite helps to maximise space.
  • If you love clean lines, create practical storage without cluttering the room by recessing your mirror cabinet into the wall cavity.
  • Place the mirror so you face it with a good level of natural light. That will reflect well on you and your design.
  • Also remember that it’s always a good idea to avoid having the toilet in the direct eye line to the entrance so it is not the focus of the room. 

All bathroom fittings in Generation Homes are supplied from one of New Zealand’s largest plumbing merchants with warranties and a full customer service offering. The brands offered are well known for quality, performance, and longevity in the New Zealand market. All Generation Homes bathrooms generally have tiled floors and skirtings as this allows the surfaces to be hardwearing and waterproof.

If you like to visualise your design online, Mico’s new 3D Design Planner is a tool to help you imagine your space as you research what you like: