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Build or renovate?
Posted on 28 May 2019

If you’re thinking about changing your home due to a growing family or lack of space, you may have to decide between building a new home or remodelling an existing home. Whatever option you choose there are numerous key points to consider including cost and impact on your family’s lifestyle.

Hunting down expert advice ensures you make the right decision when building new, or renovating an older home, without blowing your budget. Remodelling a home can present an enticing challenge for homeowners. Small, inexpensive projects can be easily achieved, but large projects that leave little of the original interior intact can be costly. “Homeowners risk over capitalising on their investment when renovating an old home. That’s why more people are choosing to build new homes – that way you get exactly what you want,” says Generation Homes national operations manager Mark Kopke.

Time is also a valuable resource, and with many professionals juggling fulltime work and a family, large DIY renovations can add unwanted pressure. According to Mark, the beauty of building a new house is that the sky – or your budget – is the limit. “At Generation Homes we understand how important it is to stick to a budget. From consent issues and council fees, to the cost of your new letter box – it’s all included in our 14-step process to build your new home.” All Generation Homes customers receive a comprehensive building schedule that uses methodical planning and innovative construction systems to deliver their home on time and on budget, guaranteed.

House plans can be adapted to include variations unique to each homeowner – be it a vibrant splashback or bifold doors. It’s common for Generation Homes’ architects to configure a three or four bedroom plan to meet a customer’s needs and lifestyle.

Generation Homes is a proud Kiwi company. Founders David Mansel and Graham Hockly both remain strong in the belief that building doesn't have to be a stressful, time-consuming and cost-spiralling exercise. Their aim has always been to provide certainty in the uncertain world of building, and that has meant creating and implementing simple, streamlined processes and refining them over the years.

With extensive experience in residential building and development, Generation Homes has established a reputation for reliability, quality and exceptional customer service. Building a community for every generation is at the heart of our business. 


  • Floral patterns - floral fabrics, cushions and wallpapers are a great way to bring life into your room and give it colour, pattern and texture. However, use it sparingly to create an interesting feature that is fresh but not over-powering.
  • Light over dark flooring - we are gravitating towards lighter coloured flooring and moving away from dark colours. Light, airy, blonde flooring reflects more light and can instantly make your room look and feel bigger.
  • Boldly patterned splashbacks - there is a move towards more impact colours and patterns in our kitchens and away from the simple, monochromatic style.
  • Bring the outdoors in – large windows and doors, interior living walls and live-edge wood pieces show consumers are bringing nature into all aspects of the home.
  • Sustainable products – recycling, reusing and reinventing common products is a must for environmentally-conscious consumers.