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Clever ideas for kids' rooms
Posted on 12 Oct 2021

For children, their bedroom is more than just somewhere to sleep. It’s a place to do homework, play games and hang out with friends. With practical interior styling you can build a bedroom that ticks all the boxes for years to come.

Express yourself

Walls and doors should be the foundation for creativity when decorating your child's bedroom, and it’s amazing what you can achieve with just a splash of imagination. Use bold colours, inspirational phrases and artwork to create a stimulating environment that oozes personality. 

Double wardrobe sliding doors are a great choice because they’re ultra-quiet and you can screen-print a beautiful pattern or your child’s favourite superhero, fairytale character or sporting team on the surface. If you love the wall art concept, take it up a notch by using blackboard or magnetic write-on paint and turn the walls into a giant blank canvas – you’ll see your youngsters creativity come to life right before your eyes.

Multifunctional design

Kids can be fickle when it comes to bedroom trends but the beauty of building a new home is you get to start with a blank canvas. A well-designed bedroom can easily be changed over time, but for that to happen, it’s important to get the basic elements right.

The key is to carefully plan your design and to be inventive. Bedrooms that support different activities through the use of multifunctional spaces have the capability to grow and change along with your children right through their teenage years.

Space to learn

Having a dedicated space for kids to learn, draw and read will help take the hassle out of doing homework after school. Start with something as simple as a free-standing desk or upgrade to a wall-mounted option with built-in drawers and a comfortable chair to save space.

You can even create different zones by attaching a swinging chair to the ceiling or building a cosy couch underneath the window so they have the perfect spot to read a book. In their bedrooms, artificial lighting is an important consideration, along with the location of any switches and power points. Think about where you want to position key elements such as the bed, desk, couch, or bean bag during your home’s design phase so you can create a practical and user-friendly space.

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