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Dulux colour forecast 2023
Posted on 29 Nov 2022

Prioritising our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing is at the top of list post-pandemic and the idea of living simplistically and authentically has never been more appealing.

Our home should reflect this way of living and Dulux’s Colour Forecast 2023 does just that by focusing on colours that promote wellness and a connection to nature.

To complement the calm post-pandemic world we’re all striving for, Dulux has created the 2023 colour palettes Connect, Balance and Revive.

These palettes reflect warm, earth-based colours that have a connection to nature including oceanic blues to eclectic brighter hues that can bring you to a moment of escapism.

Dulux Colour Specialist Davina Harper says, “The palettes we can expect to see in our homes in 2023 are predominantly warm and nurturing, with nature continuing to be a key driver of trends.

“Brighter hues continue; however, they are deeper than last year.”


Our home is our sanctuary – and that has never been more accurate than now, as we use our homes as an escape from post-pandemic stresses, a place to find calm and to take a break from the outside world.

The Connect palette includes natural hues such as moss, wasabi, sandstone, muddied yellow-green and purple-brown to bring warmth and intimacy to our homes.

Connect: The Dulux colour is Glinks Gully​. Styling: Bree Leech, Photographer: Lisa Cohen 


The Balance palette is a refined and reassuring array of colours including serene marine blues, gentle greens, weathered pastels and accents of deep garnet to evoke the fluidity of our shoreline.

The colours, paired with the right furniture, such as a curved bedhead or a brass border around a fireplace, help to keep that classic and effortless look.

Balance: The Dulux colours are Ruahine and Kimberley Sea. Styling: Bree Leech, Photographer: Lisa Cohen


A pop of culture will add your individual character to any home – and is a welcome addition to a home that has focused on calm interior colours.

Colours will make you smile and can be used sparingly to add a bit of fun to your home.

The Revive palette throws out the ‘design rules’ and focuses on personal expression with mustard yellows, breezy blues, rose pink, lavender and striking emerald.

Revive: The Dulux colours are Ōkārito, Tūrangi, Sergeants Hill and Tata Beach​Styling: Bree Leech, Photographer: Lisa Cohen

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