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Five tips for a cosy winter home
Posted on 01 Jun 2021

When you hear the word ‘cosy’ you automatically gravitate towards the idea of being comfortable. Comfort is a popular trend in 2021 as we continue to spend time at home, but we are also looking for simplicity.

Those two words – comfort and simplicity – encapsulate the winter months when you think of snuggling up at home in front of the fireplace or making a hearty winter soup in the kitchen.

With that said, we wanted to explore a few home interior trends that will keep you cosy in your home this winter.

1. Simplicity and comfort

The aim is to create a cosy atmosphere without much effort. Think of adding a wool throw to compliment the colour of your couch, or an ottoman to rest your feet on and give yourself a space to relax in. Layering is the best way to get this feel and an excuse to accessorise with as many cushions as you’d like!

2. Colours

Yellow-based neutral colours are setting the scene with many people shying away from the stock standard greys. Warm neutrals – such as beige for instance – can be a great place to start with colour and you can add your touch from there. 

3. Plants

The dark nights and late sunrises in winter often limit our time outdoors, and as New Zealanders, being stuck indoors is not our favourite option. But don’t worry, you can bring the native bush straight to your house by decorating with indoor plants to give you that outdoor feel. A splash of green, or even bright flowers will brighten up every corner of the house.

4. Warm wood features

One of the top interior design trends for 2021 is wood interiors, which seem to be trending across the globe. Wood interiors are especially warming in colder climates and can act as a natural insulator, such as wood floor panels. But you can go for smaller interior changes to your home, such as wood finishes or even source a piece of art from reclaimed wood, or a rustic kitchen table to create warmth.

5. Think about lighting

Adjusting your lights will add another layer of warmth to your home – don’t be afraid to change the brightness of your bulbs to suit the season. For that extra warm feeling, adding candles around your home, especially in vintage fixtures, will add a cosy element to the entire house. During the day, open up your home as much as possible to let in the sunshine and soak up the Vitamin D while you can!