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Five ways to create a cosy bedroom sanctuary this winter
Posted on 03 Jul 2018

Snuggling up with a blanket, reading in bed, sipping on hot chocolate… There’s nothing better than retreating to your bedroom as the temperature drops. Thankfully, it only takes a few key updates to turn your bedroom into a warm cocoon of comfort this winter. 

Here are five simple ways to make your bedroom winter-proof and welcoming this season. 

Get comfy with winter linen

To create the perfect bedroom retreat, it’s important to kick off the process by starting with the basics: bedlinen. Because bedlinen cocoons our bodies for eight hours while we sleep, select good-quality materials best suited to you. Thick, organic brushed cotton bedsheets, duvets and pillowcases provide a cosy layer against your skin, while quilts and woollen blankets add that extra layer of warmth. If you enjoy reading in bed, don’t be shy to pile on European or scatter pillows for extra comfort.

Add texture and colour to the room

Luxurious textures and fabrics such as velvet, mohair, alpaca wool, sheepskin, faux fur and chunky knits have the power to transform your bedroom into a nest of luxury. Use throws and pillows to add interesting accents to the room, and draw on rich jewel tones and burnt reds to warm up your space even further. This winter, rich velvets and shaggy fibres in emerald green and terracotta take centre stage as the season’s hottest soft furnishing pairings.

Use the power of scent                                                     

Smell is essential to ensuring your sanctuary has a calm feeling, even more so in winter. There are so many ways to keep your bedroom smelling great: introduce a scented candle, diffuser or room spray to lift the atmosphere of your room. To heighten your mood, select a scent such as lavender to help you relax at night and lemon to help you wake up in the morning. Or if you prefer a scent that’s reminiscent of winter, opt for products with star anise, gingerbread, cinnamon, fir trees or pine cones.

Create ambiance with extra lighting

Thanks to grey skies and the lack of natural light during winter, we often need to add extra interior lighting in our bedroom to ensure the space still feels inviting. Invest in a bedside lamp or floor lamp to add that extra dimension of warm, and swap out any bulbs with harsh light for one with softer tones.  Alternatively, you could use candles, lanterns and fairy lights to create a soft warm glow in your bedroom (just take care to blow them out before you fall asleep).

over up cold floors

When it comes to flooring, there’s nothing more unappealing than placing your feet on a cold floor after they have been snuggled in bed or under a blanket. If your bedroom isn’t carpeted, place a large rug under your bedroom to cover most of the floor space, or add a sheepskin and shag rug alongside your bed. Not only will it keep you bedroom looking on-trend, it will keep your feet warm and snuggly.

Image (left): Dulux colour trends 2018