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Five ways to revamp your bathroom in 2021
Posted on 16 Feb 2021

It might be the smallest room of the house, but we spend a lot of time there. Whether it is soaking in the tub, going through our face care routine or simply general hygiene – our bathrooms are an important space.

While your bathroom needs to be functional, you can also make it appealing to the eye and turn it into a mini sanctuary with a few trends that are popular this year.

Mosaic tiling
Tiles are a timeless feature that will let your bathroom stand out. A mosaic tile can match your personal style, whether that is a classic and elegant look, or a bit more character with a pop of colour.

Stand-alone baths
The bath is an integral part of any bathroom, especially for those who enjoy a good soak, or if you have kids that love a splash at bath time.

Stand-alone baths look luxurious and make a dynamic impact in any bathroom. They continue to be a top trend that is sought after.

Adding greenery
If plants can have an effect on everything from our moods to sleep, why not place some greenery in one of the most used rooms in the house.

A large pot plant in the corner of the room or a bouquet of flowers on the vanity may brighten up your mood first thing in the morning. Jasmine promotes calmness and sleep, so if you are looking for some tranquillity before bed this plant may be perfect for your bathroom – with a lovely scent as a bonus!

Statement light feature
Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to light features, but it is the perfect way to make a statement in a small place. Wall lights will brighten up your vanity while making the room feel glamourous. A low-key statement piece can have the same effect, such as an exposed bulb with a vintage metallic caging.

Freshen up your colours
A simple change of colour can zhuzh up your bathroom and make it feel brand new. Soft shades and neutral colours can give a soothing sentiment to the room, while bold and bright colours will add some flare and character.

There may not be a tonne of space in all bathrooms but there are plenty of ways to make that space work for you and create a look you can enjoy day in and day out. 

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