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Four colour trends to empower your personality
Posted on 29 Jan 2019

The world is a busy place and it can be hard to be heard. That’s why when you come home, your personal space needs to be soothing, relaxing and must bring simplicity to your life, all while expressing your personality. That’s exactly the focus of ‘Filter’ the theme for Dulux Colour Forecast 2019.

Your personality can be reflected throughout your home with a variety of colours ranging from earthy neutrals, saturated greens to bold citrus brights. ‘Filter’ features four palettes that will not only be expressive they will focus on nurturing and empowering your soul.

  • Repair: A collection of earthy neutrals, rich greens and spicy notes of cinnamon and sienna
  • Wholeself: Draws together gentle shades of mauve-grey, powdery pinks and touches of gold
  • Legacy: Intense saturated hues, such as deep purple, russet and aqua, which are offset by brown-based pinks
  • Identity: Features striking blues, purples, and playful shades of citrus

The colour trends work to filter out the noise of the busy world, with mindful consumption a key theme for 2019. It’s important to ensure you have a comfortable space to unwind and a setting that reflects your true self - whether you are looking to be creative or are seeking a calm environment.

“This year’s theme, Filter, speaks to our collective craving for individuality and personal expression,” says Dulux colour expert Davina Harper.

“It helps us mindfully tap out all the distractions and focus on the things that move and inspire us.”

“Our confidence with colour is growing, and with this the drive to create spaces that reflect our history, hopes and dreams.


The Repair palette is a range of hues that focus on reconnecting with nature. The collection of earthy neutrals, rich greens and spicy cinnamon notes are extremely grounded with nature and hints at personal growth and fresh beginnings.

“I love Repair’s muted, tonal combinations and slightly off-beat, vintage feel. It sets a warm, nurturing mood in a space and creates the perfect backdrop for timber, leather and unusual collectibles,” says Harper.

Images from Dulux Colour Forecast 2019. * See Dulux image credits below. 


The world constantly pulls us in different directions with a stream of information available to us via our fingertips. Our smartphones and laptops are a focus in life and there is a strong desire for stillness to inhibit our lives. The Wholeself palette brings together gentle shades, including pinks and touches of gold to create serene and calming interiors that allow us to take a break and create our own rhythm.

“From our global research it is clear there will be an emphasis on wellness and mindfulness in 2019 and the Wholeself palette really plugs into these themes,” says Harper.

“With its soft, light tones and subtle layerings of texture, it’s a palette to ignite the sense and revive a tired spirit. It’s also easy to decorate with these soft whites and neutrals, which will make it a popular choice for home enthusiasts.”

Images from Dulux Colour Forecast 2019. * See Dulux image credits below. 


Our personal spaces should tell a story that reflects not just our past, but the history of those who came before us, and represent a timelessness.

This palette will enrich your home and personality with deep purples, russet and aqua, which can be off-set by brown-based pinks to create elegance.

“The Legacy palette is timeless yet thoroughly modern. Think rich colour, classic furniture and sumptuous textiles used in unexpected ways. These colours may be set against a streamlined backdrop and styled with an industrial edge,” says Harper.

“Purple has emerged as a base colour and is softened by paler shades of lilac and mauve – it’s a palette to push your creative boundaries.”

Images from Dulux Colour Forecast 2019. * See Dulux image credits below. 


The Identity palette speaks to the rule breakers who want to express their personalities with clashing patterns and bright colours that bring optimism and cheer.

Striking blues, purples and shades of citrus will encourage you to incorporate your playful side into your interior colours.

“These colours command you to be brave and experiment with unique looks in the home. They translate particularly well in the bedroom – a nurturing space that’s all about you,” says Harper.

“Paint the door, a piece of furniture in a feature nook in a bright an invigorating shade and watch the room come to life.”

Images from Dulux Colour Forecast 2019. * See Dulux image credits below. 

How to make your home reflect your personal expression

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 offers something different to each personality. Whether you want to unwind in your own space with vibrant colours, soothing tones or a mix of bold earthy tones, the choice is all yours. It’s important to reconnect with yourself at home and that’s the aim of these colour palettes, which give you plenty of options to find the colours that suit your lifestyle.

“Incorporating one or more colours from any of these four palettes will bring your home right up-to-date. And if you prefer to take a more low-key approach, all these shades go beautifully with Dulux’s Most Loved Whites, as well as the neutral greys and greiges that are trending right now,” says Harper.

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch, don’t be afraid to add a bit of texture to your style.

“Textured paint creates a natural, tactile feel and looks incredible on feature walls, nooks and smaller pieces of furniture or accessories. Once applied, it adds another dimension to colour as the undulation of the texture creates an appealing shadow effect,” says Harper.

The goal in 2019 is to keep more of a focus on your health and wellbeing and don’t be afraid to explore your personality with colour.

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Repair Image 1
Wall in Dulux Kohokohunui. Ceiling in Cardrona.
From left:
Plants & planter, Homeowner’s
Boho Palm Green cushion, Kip & Co
Trenza floor cushion in custom mix by Valentina Hoyos, Halcyon Lake
‘Vessel in Monochrome’ original artwork by Antoinette Ferwerda, Antoinette Ferwerda
Hanging plant, Homeowner’s
Japanese Shino pottery studio vase by Ichiyo Nakajima, Kazari
Double Planter by Debbie Pryor, Pepite
Stones & vase, Homeowner’s
Zoe Small chair by Lievore Altherr Molina for Verzelloni, Stylecraft
French Flax Linen double sided blanket, Click On Furniture

Repair Image 2
Wall in Dulux Otarara. Background wall in Big Lagoon.
From left:
Trenza floor cushion in Verde Mix by Valentina Hoyos, Halcyon Lake
Old Yarn Fun Tulu rug, Loom Rugs
Vintage Maralunga two-seat sofa by Vico Magistretti for Cassina in rich toffee leather, Modern Time
Bleached Solid Timber Stool, Safari Living
Sula vase by Pietro Bastia for Incipit, Meizai
Stoneware vase with handles by Britt Neech, Pepite
Contemporary Japanese Oribe vase by Tanahashi Jun with Kintsugi repair, Kazari Large Industrial Light, Gidon Bing Ceramics
Fri easy chair by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen, Cult Design
Flocca linen blanket in Russo, Hale Mercantile Co
Books, magazines, plants & decorative timber stand, Homeowner’s.

Repair Image 3
Wall in Dulux Cobbler. Wall in Cape Colville (above brick and bulkhead in kitchen). Ceiling in Cardrona. Cabinetry similar to Big Lagoon.
From left:
Dining table, Homeowner’s
Chinese Provincial Qing Dynasty Elm bench, Kazari
Ceramic sculpture & basket with cactus, Homeowner’s
Clay Object by Paola Paronetto, Fanuli
Watering Can by Simone Karras, Pepite
19th Century Qing Dynasty Chinese Provincial green painted Elm stool, Kazari
‘Asparagus’ & ‘Carrots’ original artworks by Ali Wood, Fenton & Fenton
19th Century Chinese Provincial grey painted four legged Elm stool, Kazari
Timber head, House of Orange; Clay object by Paola Paronetto (on table), Fanuli Plant & pot (on table), Homeowner’s
19th Century Qing Dynasty Chinese Yellow Painted Pine stool & Provincial Green Painted Elm stool, Kazari
Wooden bowl by Fuga, Hub Furniture
Double Planter by Debbie Pryor, Pepite
Sula Vase by Pietro Bastia for Incipit, Meizai
Crockery (in island bench), Homeowner’s.

Repair Image 4
Wall in Dulux Riverton.
From left:
Plant & pot, Homeowner’s
Timber pendant in natural American oak, Apparentt
‘Antares’ original artwork by Antoinette Ferwerda, Antoinette Ferwerda
Basix stripe pillowcases in Roy/Sable, Flocca pure linen flat sheet in Sable & Flocca linen blanket in Russo, Hale Mercantile 

Wholeself Image 1
Wall in Dulux Jacks Point. Ceiling in Cardrona.
From left:
Japanese sandals, Homeowner’s
April side table from Nikari Oy Design by Alfredo Haberli, KFive + Kinnarps
Wooden bowl & soap holder, Homeowner’s
Redecker round bath brush & pumice stone in white, The Shelley Panton Store
Hand loomed bath mat in Fog, Bedouin Societe  

Wholeself Image 2
Wall in Dulux Shetland Lace Half. Ceiling in Titahi Bay.
From left:
Custom ottoman, Grazia & Co
Grande Papilio armchair in natural colour sheepskin fur by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia, Space Furniture
Faux fur rug, Homeowner’s
Shoes, Stylist’s own
Damon Moon vase from the 'Skittles' range, Damon Moon
Porcelain painted bowl by Bec Smith & Porcelain painted vase by Bec Smith, Pepite Object-based vase, Ebony Heidenreich
Small peach vessel by Bec Smith, Pepite
King linen duvet cover in Dew, Bedouin Societe

Wholeself Image 3
Wall (front) in Dulux Benhar. Wall (rear) in Baylys Beach.
From left:
Tubular pots and Ribbon dividers, Ivy Muse
When Objects Work bowl, Hub Furniture

Wholeself Image 4
Wall in Dulux Wainui Beach
From left:
Pendant, Homeowner's
Menu Shrine M in white, Designstuff
Books, Stylist’s own
Bedhead, Homeowner's
Linen duvet cover, flat sheet & standard pillowcase in Moonlight, Willow scallop standard pillowcase in Chartreuse by Sage & Clare, Greenhouse Interiors
Book & glasses, Stylist’s own.

Legacy Image 1
Wall in Dulux Purple Verbena. Ceiling in St Clair Quarter.
On kitchen bench from left:
Brass vase, mortar & pestle, oil bottle, brass mail holder, Homeowner’s
Vase, Homeowner’s
Brass gardening scissors by Lightly, Ivy Muse

Legacy Image 2
Wall (rear) in Dulux Shepherd’s Warning. Console in Federation Brown. Wall (right) in Pink Linen Half. Ceiling & trims in St Clair Quarter.
From left:
Arkley sofa, Jardan
Khyber Collection rug, Behruz
Printed cushion in Osaka, House of Orange
Fanuli Alpaca velvet cushion in Whisper Pink, Fanuli
Gloria brass ring, Great Dane Furniture
Glass vase & glass dish, Stylist’s own
European Wig Doll, Scout House
Orphelia Ritual One art print, Figgoscope Curates
Line table lamp in blush (on console), Douglas & Bec
Ezra coffee table, Grazia & Co
‘The Creation’ sculpture in black by Iva Viana, Figgoscope Curates
Column card stand in brass by Ferm Living, Designstuff
Sphere card stand in brass by Ferm Living, Designstuff
Books & magazines (on coffee table), Stylist’s own
Ardea armchair by Zanotta, Cult Design
Ceramic dish, Stylist’s own
Patina oil burner (on mantle), Great Dane Furniture.
On shelves clockwise from top:
Normann Copenhagen Brilliant Box in purple by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, top3 by design
Regenbogan vase, Fenton & Fenton (top shelf)
Spatia vase in rose by Aytm, top3 by design
Glass box, Stylist’s own (middle shelf)
Oh So Single odd bookends, Hava Studio
Traditional French Still Life, Scout House (bottom shelf)

Legacy Image 3
Wall (front) in Dulux Hothouse Orchid. Trims in St Clair Quarter, wall (rear) West Plains.
From left:
Mood Riviera ottoman by Flexform, Fanuli
Redondo armchairs by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, Hub Furniture
Tris coffee tables by Flexform, Fanuli
Linen napkin & Dinner plate, Stylist’s own
Svante water can, Great Dane Furniture
Fanuli Alpaca velvet cushion in Pinot Noir, Fanuli
Bessho tumbler by Fferrone, Hub Furniture
Metal pots by Zakkia, Ivy Muse

Legacy Image 4
Wall in Dulux Deep Aqua. Trims in St Clair Quarter.
From left:
Stamp side table, Grazia & Co
Glass vase, Stylist’s own
Brush by Redecker, Scout House
Cire Trudon perfume bottle, Scout House
Bed, Homeowner’s
Winona quilt cover set, Augusta sheet set & standard pillowcases in Atlantic, Linen House
Linen throw, Stylist’s own.

Identity Image 1
Wall (left) in Dulux Pelican Bill Half. Wall (right) in Painted Clay. Ceiling in Southern Alps.
From left:
Orion Blue hand knotted Indian silk carpet, Fenton & Fenton
Ferm Living round ottoman in dark blue, Designstuff
Elka yellow quilt cover set, Linen House
Claudia Camo bedcover, Linen flat sheet in chambray, Tahli striped pillowcase, Sage & Clare
Blue Grotto linen euro pillowcase, Kip & Co
Custom orange cushion, District
Drishti speckled pillowcase, Sage & Clare
Desert Sun linen euro pillowcase, Kip & Co
‘Ionisation’ original artwork by Liam Snootle, Studio Gallery
MZ Wallace Metro tote in multi camo (on floor), Crate Expectations
Drop bookshelves by Nendo for Cappellini, Cult Design
Magazines, Stylist’s own
Stacked ceramic vessel, Formantics

Identity Image 2
Wall (rear) in Dulux Tata Beach. Wall (front) in Roxburgh.
From left:
Popsycle Lemon rug, Jardan
Gin dining table, Nicholls Design
Cap lounge chair by Jasper Morrison for Cappellini, Cult Design
Terrazzo planter by Tantri Mustika Ceramics, Pepite
Sculpture Maquette 02, Gidon Bing
‘Mustard’ original painting by Stacey Rees, Modern Times
Thonet S 533 chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Anibou
B4 planters by Studio Ciao, Something Beginning With
‘Sculpture 13 ‘original sculpture by Mark Alsweiler, Modern Times

Identity Image 3
Wall (left) in Dulux Southern Alps. Wall (feature) in Manapouri and Taylors Mistake. Stair wall in Waiheke.
From left:
Nudo rug in rose/beige by Sebastian Herkner, Halcyon Lake
Platform 3 in horizon blue, Idle Hands
Fine Line Arch vessel & Fine Line striped vessel, Formantics
‘A Portion For Foxes’ original painting by Stacey Rees, Modern Times

Identity Image 4
Walls in Dulux Southern Alps. Feature (right) in Massey.
From left:
Line throw by Tom Dixon, Safari Living
Shoes, Stylist’s own
Salt Plains rug by Alexander Lotersztain for Stylecraft, Stylecraft
Large orange facet vase, Nyary
400 armchair by Alvar Aalto for Artek, Anibou
Plec coffee table by Antoni Palleja Office for RS Barcelona, Ajar
Perforated trays by Hay Studios (on table), Cult Design
Grimace vase & Funtasma candle-holder from the Folkifunki Collection by Jaime Hayon for Vista Alegre, Figgoscope Curates
‘Untitled no.23’ original artwork by Max Lawrence White, Modern Times
Wrap Knot Glacier sculpture, Jardan
Shape Up vessels, Formantics
Taylor Ottoman in mustard velvet, Fenton & Fenton
‘Blue Savana’ original artwork by Mim Fanning, Studio Gallery
Match Stick Banjo Pot in garnet, Capra Designs
Joy armchair, Jardan; Tree Trunk vase by Hay, Cult Design
Camelia Blue small vase, Bonnie & Neil