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Heat up with a spa this winter
Posted on 27 Apr 2023

As the weather cools there’s nothing quite like stepping into a hot, bubbling spa – right outside your back door.

A spa is a luxurious addition to your property that may increase its value, but there’s the extra perks to your wellness to consider, too. Imagine taking time out after a busy day to relax with no distractions (unless the kids join you!)  

While spas are becoming a key feature in many backyards across New Zealand – there are a few things to consider when making your purchase.

Spas can come with some fun features, such as coloured lights under the water and ample jets, but that’s just the scratching the surface. There’s a few key things to look at when diving into the world of spas.

Spa World suggests potential spa owners look into an automatic sanitising system. If you want to enjoy your spa, you will want to maintain it properly – and these systems do most of the work for you.

The insulation of the spa also needs to be considered. According to Spa World, to keep running costs down, you’ll want a spa with good insulation to keep most of the heat in the spa.

Heavy spa covers are another form of insulation and come highly recommended – though you don’t want a heavy cover to be an annoying feature that is difficult to remove, so a cover lifter can come in handy and do all the hard work for you.

A few more important things to consider when looking into buying a spa:

  • Learn about how a spa can affect your power bill
  • What are the pool laws and fencing considerations 
  • What type of spa framing it has and its durability
  • Warranties

There is also a fun part to spa shopping though, such as how many seats will you need, jet design and placement, and where is it going to go on your property!

This all depends on your lifestyle. You might look into a spa if you have a small yard and have always wanted a pool – they’re a great addition for families as the kids love the bubbles and water play.

Or if it’s more of a retreat to relax in after a busy week, you may look at landscaping a particular area with the spa in mind. If you’re an entertainer, you might want to look at a 10-seater spa so all your friends can join, or choose a spa that has a full recliner seat so you can really enjoy a good soak.

Not only will a spa add to your wellness by helping you relax, but it will also benefit your muscles. explains that a daily soak in a home spa – with the combination of warm water immersion and the jets massaging you – can work to relieve sore muscles and help with flexibility.

Best of all – it helps with your sleep! According to a study published by the journal Sleep, a 15-minute dip in the hot tub only 90 minutes before bedtime can help with a better night’s sleep. What a great reason to convince the family to invest in a spa!