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Home learning spaces for kids
Posted on 15 Oct 2021

We have all adapted to working from home in the past year – including our kids. While we try to create an ideal home office environment for ourselves, we also need to think about what our kids might need.

A welcoming space for kids to learn and create is essential, especially when little ones begin school. They might want to hop on the computer to play educational programmes, or simply want a space to be creative.

Here are our top tips for a fun and functional home learning space.

Make it inspirational
Create a space that shows them what they are capable of – put their drawings and ideas on a pin board. Your little one will love showing off what they have made, and it might inspire some more amazing work!

Eliminate distractions
A learning space with a desk/table and chair will emulate being at school, and that it is time to do work or be creative. Keep their learning space away from distractions, such as the TV, to give kids the best chance to keep their minds set on what they are doing.

Natural light
Lighting has a big impact on our moods – we often feel better when we have taken a break from the busy workday to go outside. So why not apply this at home too, where there are more opportunities to embrace natural light. Try positioning their home learning space in a room that has good natural lighting or near an open window.

Inadequate lighting can lead to eyestrain and headaches. Natural lighting enhances productivity, so try to take advantage of it!

Keep it simple and organised

A learning space that is decluttered will keep kids focused on the task at hand. Keep their supplies handy, but in an organised way. Crayons and pencils can be stored in a container, or organised in a drawer. If you have a smaller space, you could use a trolley for their stationery.

For more information on how to make a fun and functional home learning space, download our free eBook - Building with Kids below: