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How to create a bathroom sanctuary
Posted on 05 Sept 2019

A well-designed bathroom can be the perfect remedy for a hectic pace of life. The secret is to strike the right balance between luxury and practicality.

For busy families, a well-designed bathroom is a necessity as much as an indulgence. The most practical designs will combine clean colours with hardy materials in a safe and simple arrangement. Neutral or white colour schemes instantly brighten small bathrooms and create the illusion of space, while dark, moody colours exude luxury and relaxation.


Make peak hours in the bathroom hassle-free by installing a twin basin vanity unit, this will ensure your family has plenty of space to perform daily bathroom routines. Wall-hung vanities and drawers also provide ample storage without taking up too much space. Freestanding baths make a dynamic impact in any bathroom, but cleaning around them can be an arduous task. Many families love the clean lined, structured shape of built-in bathtubs due to their practical, user-friendly design. A warm, dry towel is a must-have item in any bathroom so make sure you have enough rails to accommodate the whole family.


The raw, natural look continues to reign supreme in bathrooms. "Of this year’s trending tile colours, earthy tones like forest green as well as pale greys are among the easiest to work with, although all shades of blue, from indigo and denim to rich turquoise, are also taking their turn in the spotlight" states Mico Bathrooms. Indoor plants help create a natural and relaxing atmosphere. It’s important to combine natural and man-made materials with a neutral colour palette so you don’t overwhelm the space. Consider your lighting options such as vanity lights, task lighting for when you’re doing your makeup or shaving, ambient lighting and dimmer settings to improve functionality. Also, choose quality bathroom fittings and fixtures with an enduring style to keep your bathroom looking fresh.


Metallic tiles, accessories and large mirrors are bringing glamour back to bathrooms. In new homes, you can be a lot more adventurous with décor so experiment with decorative wallpaper, colour and textures, particularly in separate powder rooms or toilets. Teaming marble or engineered stone on the walls and floor with brass, steel and gold accessories is an appealing arrangement in bathrooms – but nothing spells glamour quite like frameless glass showers. Sleek and stylish, glass is extremely durable and complements any design scheme. A single pane of glass or glass sliding door is much more functional in small bathrooms. And of course, bathroom technology has also advanced. You may like to consider upgrading to a jet-powered spa bath or shower massage system to help you de-stress.

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