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Introducing the duplex home

28 July 2020

Imagine building a brand new home, in the location of your dreams and it’s all within your budget. Sound too good to be true? Meet the duplex.

A common housing design throughout the world and a growing trend in New Zealand, a duplex is two family homes connected by a shared wall. This style of living is quite popular in urban developments for its affordability and modern design.

Often more cost-effective than a single-family home, duplexes give you the opportunity to live in your dream suburb at a cheaper price tag. Generation Homes has a number of architecturally-designed duplex plans to choose from – with the flexibility to add your own personal touch.

Whether you are a first-home buyer, wanting to make a sound investment, or looking to downsize – whatever your reasons – a duplex could be the answer. 

The Hauroko & Matheson duplex plans above showing the combined floor plan and architectural renders.

Desirable duplexes
A duplex is two homes that are joined together with a common wall in-between. Each home has its own separate entrance, outdoor space. Many of Generation Homes’ duplex plans are connected by the garage. This allows you to have windows on both sides of your home, making the most of the natural light, as well providing privacy from your next-door neighbours.

Who owns the common wall? Ordinarily with these design plans, the wall is shared. However, our plans have two separate walls, with a firewall placed between. This gives each side ownership of their walls.

Is a duplex home a good investment?
With interest rates at an all-time low, a duplex plan could help you get on the property ladder.

If it’s within your budget, look at purchasing both sides of the house or ask about a standalone plan. If you own the whole duplex you have the control to select who lives next door and as a property owner, you can rent out the other half.

A duplex often holds its value and provides good rental income, even if you only own half the property.

First-home buyers
For some, building new can seem unaffordable and out of reach and can lead many to buy pre-existing homes. With Generation Homes’ fixed price and on-time delivery guarantee, building new is a reality – especially with a duplex.

Maintaining an existing home, particularly when you are on a tight budget can cause stress, especially if it is an older home. Not only is a duplex usually more affordable than a single standing family home, a new build will give you the fun and freedom to personalise your first home.

Downsizing to a duplex
A brand new duplex offers you the opportunity to save money on your build. Whether you are planning for retirement or simply wanting to downsize, our duplex design plans offer not only affordability, but provide the safety and security of a structurally-sound home.

A duplex gives you the best of both worlds. A brand new home and financial flexibility.

Build as standalone
If you like the layout of a duplex floor plan we may be able to build it as a standalone house. The Hauroko plan (below) can be built as a duplex or as a standalone house. 

The pros of buying a duplex house...

  • Price - duplexes are more affordable and means you can live in a neighbourhood you thought you may not be able to afford.
  • Separate title - each duplex has a separate title, giving you complete ownership of your home and land.  You only have to buy one side of a duplex.
  • Great investment - duplexes are a good initial investment if you want to climb the property ladder. When compared to apartments, this housing plan offers more land size and value – especially with a garden included.

Generation Homes is currently building duplexes in Auranga, Drury, south of Auckland and in Golden Sands, Papamoa in Tauranga. For more information check out our duplex range or speak to one of our Sales Consultants