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Designing your kitchen with the latest trends
Posted on 01 Oct 2021

Whether you are cooking up food or conversation, the kitchen is the heart of every home. This is the room where style meets functionality, as it can be used to prepare the family dinner one day and entertain guests the next. Designers Kylie Wood and Emma Cave, from HK Kitchens – which supplies to Generation Homes – share advice on the latest trends that will give your kitchen that special touch.


The first thing people notice about a kitchen is the benchtop – it’s one of the most prominent features with white stone tops always in style and being highly sought after. Homeowners are requesting different styles of sinks other than stainless to complement the tops and are making the bowls a feature – with gunmetal, brass and composite granite sinks (as well as matching tapware) becoming popular, Emma says.


Neutral colour palettes with strong sections of white, black or grey are taking precedence in kitchens. Emma says you don’t have to have a contrast of different colours, but by adding different textures to a neutral palette creates a beautiful interest to the cabinetry; ie: white acrylic matte, against a white woodgrain can be just as stunning as adding a different colour. 

To add contrast, black accents can make a big impact on a room, from a simple approach with tapware and lighting fixtures, to a more daring kitchen with black cabinets or appliances.

Homeowners who prefer colour are using it for vibrant splashbacks, feature walls and islands. Emma expects brassy palettes to take off in the near future, with golds, tans and browns to be seen a lot more in the years to come, as well as a lot of greens and woodgrains.


LED lighting is a hard option to refuse and is a key feature used under cupboards and over breakfast bars, as well as underneath rangehoods. Those wanting to add another visual dimension to a kitchen can use linear pendant lighting, which sees the fixture hanging from the ceiling suspended by a rod. Linear pendant lighting is fast becoming a popular choice. It adds an elegant and modern finish to any kitchen, while achieving a minimalist look.

Choosing a walk-in pantry or a scullery

Many homeowners have a scullery on their wish list, as it’s the easiest way to ensure bulky cooking appliances are hidden away, all while giving you a place to prepare food that keeps the mess out of site! Kylie says that sculleries have always been a popular choice, and even if you don’t prepare food there, it is a great storage option.

If cost and design don’t allow for a scullery, a walk-in pantry is the next best option. In smaller properties, the demand for walk-in pantries has surged. The idea of the walk-in pantry is appealing as it keeps all of your food and pantry goods out of the small cupboard spaces – keeping your kitchen decluttered. For the organisational wizards out there, there is nothing better than walking into your pantry and being able to see everything, rather than sifting through a tiny cupboard in the kitchen corner to find the cereal!


Black tapware offers you the chance to play around with other colours in the kitchen, as it provides a base to match with everything. The style is sleek and smart without any effort. It adds a real ‘wow’ factor, simply because it’s not an overused style and is a far cry from the chrome tapware (that leave endless fingerprints) we’ve all grown up with.


Splashbacks provide an opportunity to give your kitchen a bit of character, whether it be subtle or loud. The textured tile splashback continues to be a popular option. Home owners can add their own flair with bold colours, such as green, or keep it simple and calm with the patterned styles, such as the ever-popular herringbone.

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, so make it a place that suits your style and is functional so you can keep cooking up a storm!

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