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Vaulted ceilings and raising stud heights
Posted on 03 Jul 2024

Taupo Show Home - Ruapehu Plan


You may have heard architects and builders talking about raising studs. Don’t worry, they’re not discussing stallions – they’re talking about a stylish design feature that can add both grandeur and value to your home!

So, what is a stud height, you ask, and why raise it? The length of the stud framing determines the wall and ceiling height in a home. It’s one way of adding volume to your home without increasing the overall footprint.  A standard wall height is 2.40 metres, but many homeowners now choose to increase this to 2.70 metres or beyond.  

Benefits of increasing the stud height
Raised stud heights create a sense of space and openness, making rooms feel larger and less confined. Interior designers love the higher ceilings as they make room for larger pieces of artwork, taller furniture, and more dramatic decorative elements. On a practical front, higher walls allow for taller windows which increases natural day lighting into the room and also accommodates more vertical storage solutions, such as taller custom cabinetry.

Vaulted ceilings
The vaulted ceiling is another popular design trend that adds volume to your home. Vaulted ceilings add instant allure and are featured in many of our new plans including Kamaka, Ruapehu, Tongariro, Greenhill and the Coatesville plan. The most popular style of vaulted ceiling at the moment is ‘scissor trusses’ or ‘parallel cord trusses’ where the ceiling gently slopes upwards to give a raking look. Another style is the cathedral ceiling where the ceiling follows the exterior roof pitch so is a steeper more dramatic look.

Greenhill Park Show Home, Hamilton - Greenhill Plan

Benefits of vaulted ceilings
The benefits that vaulted ceilings add to a home are both aesthetic and functional:

  • Architectural interest - Vaulted ceilings add undeniable visual impact and architectural interest to a space, creating a focal point that can enhance the overall design. They provide an opportunity to incorporate unique design elements, such as exposed trusses, beams, and skylights.
  • Natural lighting - Light naturally bounces off the increased ceiling space creating a sense of volume. Vaulted ceilings can accommodate architectural glazing such as glass gable windows and clerestory windows that bring in more natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day. Why switch on a light, when you can let the sun do it for you for free? 
  • Statement lighting - Higher ceilings offer more flexibility for larger than life lighting fixtures, including chandeliers and pendant lights. It’s your chance to make a statement and (literally) shine!
  • Perceived space - Vaulted ceilings make rooms feel spacious and airy, even if the actual square metreage remains the same. They create an open and expansive atmosphere, which can make small rooms feel larger and more inviting. This is especially great for builds where the footprint is constrained by the section size.
  • Increased property value - Both raised stud heights and vaulted ceilings are often seen as premium features, which can make a property more attractive to potential buyers which in turn increases the overall market value of a home. Vaulted ceilings add a certain je ne sais quoi that buyers love!
  • Design flexibility - Vaulted ceilings can complement a variety of architectural styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic.
  • Energy efficiency - The additional height can aid with passive ventilation and improve air circulation.  Properly insulated vaulted ceilings can help maintain consistent indoor temperatures, potentially reducing heating and cooling costs.

Overall, combining generous stud heights with vaulted ceilings creates strong visual impact and an immediate sense of luxury. And while there are a few considerations such as the added cost for materials and labour, the extra cost is usually offset by increasing the overall appeal and value of the home. The adage, ‘you’ve got to spend money, to make money’ rings true here. That’s right – you’re not just raising the roof; you’re raising your home’s market value too!

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