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What's driving interior trends
Posted on 07 May 2020

Adopting a greener lifestyle is a top priority in our lives these days and this is starting to be reflected in our homes. Homeowners are doing their part for the environment by incorporating greener choices in their homes, including recycled furniture, so it is no surprise to see that being eco-friendly is driving interior design trends for 2020.

Décor in 2020 will see greener and more sustainable initiatives in the home, including eco-friendly furniture ensuring our spaces are simplistic and can provide a calm environment.

Less is more

When choosing how to decorate and design rooms, we opt for simplicity. This means that while your personality shines through in key items – such as a feature wall – the amount of items we possess are lessening. When our homes have less clutter it makes for a calm and tranquil place to relax after a day at work.

Eco-friendly options

Recycled materials are taking the interior design world by storm, ranging from furniture to wallpaper options made from eco-friendly materials.

Going green can provide you with endless options to decorate, and eco-friendly products are known to be very good quality. There has been a massive shift in décor with customers wanting products made from sustainable materials. So, if a piece of furniture made from recycled pallets grabs your attention – add it to your home! You are not only staying on trend, but helping the environment.


There is a wide range of colours trending in 2020, leaving you with plenty of options. The most popular colour palettes are relaxing and soothing shades that complement nature. These shades beautifully reflect the greener lifestyle design trend that is in full swing – though adding a touch of colour will let your personality shine through.

The Dulux highlights palette consists of four on-trend brights: a 70s-inspired fuchsia, primary blue, orange-red and acid yellow. These colours will work with the four key 2020 colour palettes and can be used to personalise your space. Use them where and how you like – across a wall, on the front door, in a little nook – for a touch of flair and individuality.

Geometric designs

Geometric designs may have been around for a couple of years, but the simplistic designs tie in well with the trend of ‘less is more’ all while giving your home a bit of an edge. It looks like these designs are here to stay in 2020.

You can incorporate geometric designs in your wallpaper, lighting fixtures or furnishings as they give the home a light, yet stylish, feel. Word of warning though, don’t mix and match too many or the designs may become overwhelming.

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Dulux 2020 - Styling: Bree Leech, Photographer: Lisa Cohen 


Cultivate: Living Room Fireplace - Wall in Dulux Tauherenikau (left), wall in Hancock (centre and right).
From Left: Plants, The Plant Society; MoodSide Table, Dean Norton; Vessels by Bridget Bodenham, Scout House; Highlander Rug in Peacock (top), Jenny Jones Rugs; Johanna Occasional Chair, Cosh Living; Fragas Cushion in Moss, Figgoscope Curates; ‘Rainy Mountain’ original artwork by Prue Clay, Forman Picture Framing; Ferm Living Orb Watering Can in Black, Designstuff; Odyssey Rug in Moss Green, Jenny Jones Rugs; Planter (front) in Dulux Jadeite, Stylist's own; Plant (in planter), The Plant Society; ModernPlanter–Round/ Triangle (rear), Tristian Tait; Plant (in planter), The Plant Society.
Comeback: Bedroom - Wall in Dulux Cameo Blue Half From Left: Oval Side Table in Black, Fomu; (on table) Jewel Orb Blue, Jardan; Hexagonal Lampshade in Linen Blue with Stoneware Lamp base in Charcoal, House of Orange; Linen Fitted and Flat sheets, standard pillowcases in Quartz, Linen Duvet cover in Agean, Bedouin Societe; Blue Velvet Cushion, Bonnie & Neil; Fan Mirror by Reflections Copenhagen, Jardan.