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Your man cave essentials
Posted on 02 Apr 2020

The man cave, or sometimes known as manland or mantuary, is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home, such as a specially equipped garage or spare bedroom. This is an important room for the blokes in the household – here they can do as they please without any fear of upsetting the house décor. It has been said men who are ‘caveless’ are less equipped for solving life's problems!

1.  Keep snacks on hand

A crucial step in planning your man cave is to decide what you want to do in the space. If it’s a space to hide away from the world, make sure you have ample room to include a fridge to ensure all of your favourite snacks and drinks are within reach.

2.  Invest in comfortable seating

If you splash out on only one item in your man cave, consider spoiling yourself with a quality couch, recliner or comfy chairs. When choosing the perfect item, look for durable materials, great upholstery – such as vinyl or leather - and workmanship, especially if you are planning to invite your friends over regularly.

3.  Display your most inspiring stuff

It is important to make your man cave your own space and to surround yourself with your favourite things – so don’t be shy showcasing your favourite collectibles, art and photos. This is a great place to display old trophies and other stuff that hasn’t made its way onto shelves in the home.

4.  Treat yourself to the finer things

A fridge full of craft beers, a crystal whisky decanter set, a stainless steel mojito kit, a cold-drip coffee maker – your man cave provides the perfect excuse to prioritise your wants and show a few of the finer things in life. You know you want to!

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