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Community - a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality and share common values

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At Generation Homes we take pride in the fact that we build communities. We work with landowners to develop quality communities and ensure they appeal to potential homeowners. A good example of how we develop communities is our Milford Estate in Papamoa Beach, regarded as the Bay of Plenty’s most successful housing development. Generation Homes had exclusive control over the design, build and marketing of all 500 sites.

To ensure we provided houses that would appeal we conducted market research to gain a clear picture of the type of families that aspired to live in Milford Estate and how they wanted to live. This ensured site plans, choice of house designs, fittings, and price points were developed to a qualified set of needs resulting in shorter sales cycles and happy home owners.

As the exclusive builder of Milford Estate we ensured compliance with all covenants on the land. Items such as landscaping, driveways and fencing were included as standard not optional extras. This has meant all homes have been built to an equally high standard, creating pride in the community and higher resale values.

Our promise is ‘Fixed price, on time, guaranteed.’ It offers reassuring certainty to home buyers. It’s based on a combination of old-fashioned hard work and experience, together with ground-breaking innovation and marketing savvy.

For buyers, the Generation promise means no hidden costs and a new home in only 14 to 18 weeks – without the stress, delays and spiralling costs usually associated with building a new home. That’s in addition to a large choice of building plans and options and a dedication to quality.