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Third build together cements long-term relationship

Third build together cements long-term relationship

Patricia Rogers first partnered with Generation Homes in the early 2000s to build a small home in one of the first subdivisions in Papamoa, Tauranga. The now-retired banker upsized in East Papamoa a few years later. In early 2013, thinking they could do with a bit more tranquillity, Patricia and husband Kevin Rogers decided it was time to move further out into the country.

For their next Generation home they chose an 843 square metre, sloped site in Omokoroa, a satellite suburb 15 minutes north of Tauranga. In the past two years Omokoroa has experienced a surge in popularity with the result that it’s getting harder and harder to find land there. Even though the move to the country may be a bit less tranquil than they expected, the couple are thrilled with the results of their building project.

Patricia has kept increasing the creative boundaries of each successive Generation home she has built, leading to the innovative, eye-catching and sturdy three level home which she and Kevin currently call home.

Quote from Patricia Rogers
We feel like we got what we regard as a high class home, that is really solidly built, for real value for money.

Patricia Rogers

GH We’ve gone through a long partnership now, what are the great things about Generation Homes?
PATRICIA It’s all pretty simple really. Whenever anyone from Generation Homes says something, that’s how it’ll be. The fixed price and on time delivery has never failed me, so I have real faith that those guarantees are a lot more than just words – I’ve had three chances to test that, which is why my faith is really strong.
GH How have the builds developed since the first one?

The first one was small, the second was bigger, and the third one was the whopper. Omokoroa, which is 15 minutes north of Tauranga, has experienced astronomical growth in the last few years, to the point where there’s not much land opening up and there’s not a lot of sections left. We built our three level home on a large sloped section, so it was a challenging build but the house looks and feels amazing.

We feel like we got what we regard as a high class home, that is really solidly built, for real value for money.

GH What are some of your favourite features of the home?

Two would have to be features that stemmed from problem solving. There was a space at the main entrance where we originally had a cubby hole, but it just seemed out of place. We ended up replacing that with glass shelving, which looked really good, so then we added lights. Now at night when the lights are on it looks really striking.

The other is the kitchen. I decided to add an extra storage unit, which just balanced everything out and created a more functional space. They’re both things that look really natural in the house, but I really like them because they were never really meant to be there. It also shows how flexible and adaptable Generation Homes can be.
GH How did the build go?

What’s been a common thread among all of our Generation Homes builds is that everyone from the construction manager down has been really great. There’s an enthusiasm and a real pride in doing the best job possible.

The tiler on the last build was actually telling us how much he loved tiling our place because it was so different from many of the houses he did. When you’ve done a few builds you also know how easy it is for a painter to walk away after not giving the job 100 per cent. Our painter actually walked us through all of his work to show and explain everything to us. Things like that make a huge difference.

The weekly progress report is great. Each week you’re walked through what has happened in the previous week, and what will happen in the coming week, it’s extremely helpful.

GH And what do you think of the final result?
PATRICIA We went with the Marino design which has a very modernist feel. In the bottom level we have our main lounge, then it’s up four steps to the dining, kitchen and family areas. There are ranch sliders on both sides which gives us great all day sun. Our main deck area’s also on this level, where we can soak up really amazing views of the Kaimai Mountains. From here it’s two steps up to the top level, which has our bedroom with ensuite, plus two other bedrooms, bathroom and a single room which we use as our office. We put a lot of time into picking the colour scheme, which draws lots of comments, so all round we have exactly what we wanted.
GH You live on a very social street and have actually ended up showing a lot of people through your home. How does that come about?
PATRICIA Lots of people ask about it, and ask to have a look through! We live on a street, and in a neighbourhood where there’s social gatherings and barbeques at least every month which means we all get to interact and mingle. Neighbours have sometimes mentioned that they would like to have a look through or that friends of theirs would be interested too, so it all just stems from there really.
GH You’ve built with us three times already. If you decided to build again would you continue the partnership?

Definitely! We are house proud, and after 40 years in banking I am very conscious of the value you receive for every dollar spent. To me, our partnership represents great value for a very reasonable price. We’ve got a fantastic finished product that will last really well and still has a great look and feel.

Our last build also demonstrated Generation Homes provides real flexibility as well. Some house and land package builders have the reputation of all the houses looking the same, but our house has a really individual look and feel – so we wouldn’t hesitate on partnering with Generation again.

Over the years there have been quite a few people – friends and friends of friends, who have signed up with Generation after seeing the houses that we’ve built together, so it’s nice to see that positive experience spread among our wider circles.