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A true hometown hero

13 April 2022

Meet Melanie-Rose – a true hometown hero
This amazing young lady faces many physical and learning disabilities – she didn’t talk until she was 2 and she didn’t walk until she was 4. Amongst many other challenges she faces, she is dyspraxic, which means she was born with little muscle tone. This makes everything difficult and means she can be very clumsy.

But swimming is her calm happy place. She was once told she would never ride a bike or swim however earlier this year she completed the 100m open water swim in the Generation Homes La Grande Swim in Akaroa. Not only did she finish, she was a spot prize winner.


Our reason for sponsoring events like this by NZ Ocean Swim is to get behind our local “hometown heroes” – people who are out there challenging themselves and doing amazing and interesting things in their community. Melanie-Rose embodies this for us and we couldn’t be happier that she received a spot prize.

From Melanie’s mother, Sophie: “You and the Ocean series team really have made a difference to Melanie. She is already talking about maybe the 200m next year and told her physio therapist about it and worked so hard at her last session”.

The team at the NZ Ocean Swim Series have worked tirelessly to navigate the changing Covid restrictions to make sure these events could go ahead safely. Stories like this make it all so worth it.

This is why we love supporting the community!

See you next year Melanie-Rose!