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Why work for us

Find out why it's great to work for Generation Homes.

Commitment to our people

We are more than a workplace, we are Whanau. We are Kiwi owned and grown, and our Joint Venture structure means our partners have a vested interest in seeing their region and the national business grow and succeed, and this translates through to our people. At Generation homes, we want you to grow and thrive during your time with us and have a load of fun along the way.


To us, sustainability means building a quality product that stands the test of time and is environmentally responsible. A building that can be lived in for generations providing a warm, dry and healthy home.

By using modern building products and keeping up to date with changes in the building code, we build a housing envelope that creates a sustainable home and contributes positively to the environment, society and individual wellbeing of its residents and the wider community. 

Aside from conscious building practices, regions have adopted various initiatives to support sustainability in their communities. This includes tree planting and the recycling of building materials and packaging.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the centre of our values and contributes to our company’s success. We work hard to create and foster diversity both in our workplace and neighbourhoods, for a community to grow that is a mix of ages, cultures and socio-economic groups. 

Development opportunities 

We want you to grow both personally and professionally during your time at Generation Homes. Where relevant to your role, we offer opportunities for growth through both on the job and external training and development. 

We love seeing our people grow within their roles and, through internal promotion opportunities.  As a result, we are now seeing the next generation of business owners moving up and taking on leadership roles.

Our vision, purpose and values

For over 25 years, our vision, ‘to be New Zealand’s best project partner’ has been front of mind, and as a result we’ve helped shape the lives of generations – creating communities of people that love where they live. Through housing shortages, and housing booms – we’ve been there – a safe, steady, reliable pair of hands with an unwavering level of integrity in everything we do. 

Our purpose, the ‘why’ behind everything that we do is to ‘build homes for generations’. We’ve given generations of Kiwis a place to call home. Now we’re home to every generation.

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