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Get set for a wonderful staycation
Posted on 07 Dec 2022

At a fancy hotel the little luxuries of a fully stocked coffee bar, decadent pastries for your first breakfast, or a simple basket of extravagant toiletries in the bathroom make your stay feel extra special.

You may be planning a staycation or wish to create a home atmosphere where you return every day to a house that helps you block out the outside world.

Here are a few simple suggestions for changes to make your home feel like your favourite vacation destination.

In your bedroom add cosy linens, throw blankets, and throw pillows to your bed and change your pillows if they have gone flat.

Use your nice sheets – don’t save them just for visitors. Buy some if you need to.

Make sure your towels are wonderfully fluffy.

Take some time to declutter as it is the functional and clean atmosphere of a hotel or Airbnb which presents a well put together and comfortable space that is light and open.

The trick is to be uncluttered yet not sterile so set a timer for 30 minutes to get cracking and clear the surfaces of each room.

Put away those clothes – dirty ones go to the laundry and clean ones into the wardrobe. If you need more hangers, get some!

Tidy things from your nightstand into drawers and corral your jewellery into an organised container.

Then place some water and a silk sleep mask on your nightstand to help you get a good night’s sleep. Consider applying a skincare facemask overnight as a treat. Often a weighted blanket can also help you get comfortable and fall asleep faster.

Dust your décor and furniture and vacuum or sweep your floor.

Change things up by moving your photo frame to a new location or swap the positions of art on the walls. Altering the layout of the room by switching the furniture to a new position can also give the room a new look and feel.

Move a comfy chair into a position for just sitting, reading and unwinding, including turning off your devices.

The scent of essential oils can add a fresh and relaxing vibe so choose one you like that reminds you of holidays and enjoy the fragrant atmosphere.

For your living area, you also want to feel cosy and have an environment which evokes happiness.

Adding a few extra easy-care plants is a simple way to brighten your spirits.

You can also set up a colourful drink dispenser in the kitchen, pull out the cocktail shaker from the back of the cupboard and try some new recipes, prepare a tea station, ensure you are well stocked with your favourite wines, and add flowers to vases throughout your home.

It’s a must to have pretty wine glasses, too, and ice to hand.  

Prepare for a delicious BBQ – there’s definitely something holiday-like to eat outside and enjoy your favourite foods.

If you have the right space, hang a hammock. Get some new outdoor lounging furniture so you can put your feet up in comfort.

Visiting a new location is all about seeing new things and a change of aesthetics, so you can adapt home to reflect this, too.

Perhaps change your front entranceway or back yard view in some way with colourful plants or a feature piece or by doing some maintenance on your deck to refresh its look.

Get out that list of the best movies ever made and prepare your own marathon film festival and swap out your old playlist for some new tunes to entertain you in your downtime at home.

Think of your favourite holiday venue and what makes it special as it can be simple to re-create some of that joy at home.

A few of these special touches are an easy way to breathe new life into your home and make every day feel like a vacation.

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