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How to keep it cool at home this summer
Posted on 19 Jan 2021

With a hot and sunny summer well underway, it is the right time to make sure your home is the coolest place to be – both functionally and aesthetically.

Finding a way for your family to escape the heat and humidity is a must, especially without facing a shocking bill from your power company. If you are building, it’s the perfect time to consider a few options on how you’ll do that.


Our homes come with a heat pump (used for cooling as well), but the majority of homeowners are upgrading to a Panasonic ducted heating and cooling system – which gives the whole house comfort instead of just one room.

Generation Homes chief executive Kevin Atkinson says that ducted heating and cooling systems are fast becoming the preferred cooling option for many new homeowners because they can be placed in the ceiling or floor without a visible wall unit. A bonus is that they are cost-efficient.

“Overheating is a common problem for traditional New Zealand homes, so we work directly with our customers to avoid this issue, ensuring the right measures are put in place at the start of the building process. This includes adequate ventilation, insulation and efficient heat pump systems that also have air conditioning capabilities.”

“Well-placed windows and doors, ceiling fans and vents are simple but effective ways to help increase air circulation through a home and keep a breeze flowing through the summer months.”


Insulation is also something that needs to be taken into consideration, and is too often overlooked in homes.

“Many people think insulation is only used for heating purposes, however it is also important for keeping a house cool. For many homeowners, insulation is the most practical and cost-effective way to make a house more energy-efficient,” Kevin says.

“Research shows it can cut the cost of heating and cooling a home by up to 40 percent, as it helps regulate internal temperatures.”


If you are sorted with your cooling systems but chasing that refreshing summer look, there’s still plenty you can do.

To get that summer feel, Resene paints suggests combining a soft paint palette with furnishings that have curved edges. Subtle colours, such as blues and greens, will keep your home feeling close to nature. While contrasting with soft pinks and yellows will give your home that ultimate summer glow.

If you have spare time this summer it might be time to get your painting pants on and tackle feature walls in your home, or even refurbish a few pieces of old furniture. Giving your home that summer look will not only be great for the warmer months, but it will keep your home looking bright and fresh when the winter months start to creep back in.

For more information speak to one of our Sales Consultants about incorporating home cooling solutions into your new Generation Home.

Image 1: Resene - Colour Inspiration