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Landscaping tips for your new home

24 October 2019

Landscaping your new home is a satisfying part of the building experience, as you visualise entertaining guests or watching the kids play on the grass.  Not only does effective landscape design add curb appeal and value to your home, it can increase the number of functional areas on your property. With just a bit of planning, you can create the perfect outdoor oasis and add a bit more personality to your home.

Kick off the landscaping process by getting creative about the practical outdoor features best suited to your family’s needs, such as a vegetable garden, hanging herb garden and fruit trees. If you have limited space, use pots to grow basics such as herbs, tomatoes, spring onions and lemons. Think about what you cook with regularly, and use your limited space to focus on growing these edibles. If you have more space to play with, consider creating a raised garden so you can plant a wide range of seasonal vegetables.

Meanwhile, a key factor in any outdoor area is your entertainment space, so consider the features you will enjoy. A deck in the backyard allows for a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, and creates another great space to relax with the family or host friends. Avid entertainers may want to customise their outdoor area with features such as built-in barbecues, fire pits or sunken outdoor seating - all depending on the space you have to work with.

Just as your home is a haven that promotes relaxation, your outdoor area can provide the same calm space to unwind. Depending on your family’s interests and needs, you may want to invest in relaxation features such as a spa or swimming pool. Even with limited space, you can create special relaxation areas – for example, you could include a small bamboo-enclosed zen garden with a cement seat. A nook that catches the morning sun is a great place to set up a table and chairs as an outdoor breakfast area.

How to get the perfect yard

  • Each Generation Home comes with a ‘starter garden.’  We give you the additional option of working with a landscape designer to choose the style of garden plants you would like.
  • Make your own sheltered oasis and ensure privacy by installing screening with a trellis, a living wall or carefully placed trees.
  • Plan your landscape design with your kids in mind and add play features like a jungle gym, sandbox, or trampoline.

To find out how Generation Homes incorporates landscaping into their new home builds, speak with one of our Sales Consultants today. We can help you customise your home to include outdoor additions such as entertaining areas, outdoor kitchen or barbeque areas, as well as other features.